It’s Officially Time to Style with this Fall Favorite

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Fall has officially arrived; so it’s time to put away your linen and pull out all things plaid. This classic print has stood the test of time, which means there should be a plaid piece in everyone’s closet. Finding new ways to wear and style your plaid should be top on your list for the new fall season. Plaid outfit inspiration is endless. Making a classic piece feel fresh and modern is all about styling. You don’t have to buy new pieces to get a new look. Rethink how you’re wearing your plaid pieces.

I love pairing unexpected pieces together. I know I’m a broken record about this but it’s really one of the only ways to make fashion feel fresh and interesting. So this season, throw your go-to blazer over a hoodie, rock your plaid coat with western boots and of course do mix plaid with other prints like florals and animal.

The Blazer

If there is one must have plaid piece in your wardrobe it’s a blazer. A plaid blazer can take you from the office to date night to the farmers market. It’s all in the styling. Don’t ever be afraid to redefine where a single piece of clothing can be worn.

Plaid Outfit Ideas Plaid Blazer Outfits

Double Breasted Plaid Blazer
Plaid Oversized Blazer $110 via SHOP STYLE REPORT

Vintage Plaid Blazer

Vintage x Resurrection Oversized Blazer $69 via RESURRECTION

The Mini

Bring out your inner most Cher (you better know which one I’m talking about-if you don’t, you’re clueless) with a plaid mini and tights or socks.

Plaid Outfit Ideas Plaid Mini Skirt Outfits


Plaid Mini Skirt

BB Dakota Whatever Forever Plaid Skirt $78 via BLUE EYED GIRL

Capulet Rosa Mini Skirt $123 via LARGO DRIVE

Plaid Mini Skirt

ASTR the Label Raye Skirt $75 via LARGO DRIVE

The Coat

I love coats…. Which to be honest, is kinda funny since I was born and raised on the sand in Southern California, where there isn’t a big need for coats. But yes, I still find myself with one hell of a collection. I’m not suggesting to have a big coat collection like I do, but everyone should have at least one or two. Plaid is classic; you’d be surprised how, by simply adding a plaid coat to your look, your style will instantly be up-leveled. A plaid outfit made simple.

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BB Dakota Plaid Coat Check this Coat

BB Dakota Check this Coat $98 via SHOP BLUE EYED GIRL

Show me your mumu Hollis Jacket Plaid Coat

Show Me Your Mumu Hollis Jacket Fletcher Plaid $216 via LARGO DRIVE

Sage the Label Clemence Jacket Plaid Coat

Sage the Label Clemence Jacket $106 via LARGO DRIVE

The Shirt

We all need a flannel shirt. It’s just that simple. Just in case you need a reason why it’s simple, because I said you do. Ok, and there is Sincerely Jules, who will have you rocking a plaid outfit today.

Plaid Outfit Ideas How to Style a Plaid Shirt Mix Prints Plaid Snake Print


Vintage Pendleton Plaid Jacket

Vintage Pendleton Plaid Jacket $84 via PRISM

Plaid is a great print to find both resale and vintage. Forget fashion, think sustainability.

Free People Calico Basin Plaid Button Up

Free People Calico Basin Plaid Buttondown $148 via STEVIE SISTER

Rails Hunter Button Front Shirt Plaid Shirt

Rails Hunter Button Front Shirt $158 via BLUE EYED GIRL

The Pants

Oh yes, you need plaid pants too; for the same reason you need a plaid shirt. 😉

Plaid Outfit Ideas how to style plaid trousers


CALIstyle Plaid Trouser Menswear

CALIstyle Modern Girl Trouser $64 via RESURRECTION

If there is one pair of trousers you’re going to add to your wardrobe, it’s these. Get them before they’re SOLD OUT.

Faithfull the Brand Carmen Pants Hillary Print Plaid crop Flare trousers

Faithfull the Brand Carmen Pant $189 via LARGO DRIVE
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