A Couple Fashion Risks Worth Trying this Fall

Take these Fashion Risks: Statement Pieces

Fashion risks are scary. I’ll admit that I don’t practice what I preach enough. But I know when I go out a limb, step out of my personal comfort zone and take a fashion risk (for me) I’m happy I did. Pushing your own personal style boundaries is an essential part of keep our styling skills on point. Adding a few statement pieces to your wardrobe is a great way to take a risk.

Now, fashion risks are not created equal. So what might be a risk for you is someone else’s everyday style. DON’T let that stop you from branching out. You might not realize it but when your friends see you take a bit of a risk it inspires them to do the same. That’s precisely why we all love a trendsetter. How else do you explain an entire industry of “influencers”? Simply taking risks and leading the way for the rest of us. So be the influencer in your group and take a fashion risk.

Here are a few fashion risks worth taking this season

Oversized Blazer + Suiting

So often the fashion risk is not just about a statement piece, but how it’s worn and styled. By simply going up a size or two you can get a complete different vibes from a wardrobe staple. Style is always about how you wear your clothes, not the clothes themselves.

fashion risk outfits oversized blazer outfit, statement pieces


CALIstyle Urban Oversized Blazer $95 by RESURRECTION

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Oversized Blazer Fashion Risk Outfit Ideas

Plaid Oversized Blazer $110 via SHOP STYLE REPORT

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CALIstyle Urban High Waist Crop Trouser $64 + Oversized Blazer $95 by RESURRECTION
Plaid Pants

Take some risky style cues from trendsetters. BTW… Wrapping straps and laces around the bottom of pants is my favorite styling trick. It doesn’t cost a thing and it instantly updates your look.

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Plaid Trousers

MONTE Park Ave Trouser $168 by BLUE EYED GIRL

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Vintage Plaid Trousers

Vintage x Resurrection 80’s High Rise Plaid Trouser $89 via RESURRECTION
taking a fashion risk with statement pieces, plaid pants, plaid trousers, exaggerate topStyle Du Monde

Ivy League Plaid Trouser

CALIstyle Ivy League Plaid Trouser $69 by RESURRECTION
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