Cargo Pant Outfit Ideas we LOVE


We’re BACK and we’re OBSESSED!

The Trend We’re Loving-Cargo Looks

Style Report is back. We have begun ramping up with new style, trend and how-to posts. We are starting with our current obsession, cargo pants. Styling cargo pants is as easy as styling trousers. I know, I know stepping out of our fashion comfort zone is easier said than done. We have some style inspo to get you started with cargo pant outfit ideas.


The Classic Blazer

Mixing classic essential style staples with trending items creates standout looks. Pairing a black blazer up-levels any outfit including cargo pants. Do step outside your stylish conform zone. The more you do the more your personal style will grow. Keep scrolling for more cargo pant outfit ideas.


Color Pop

Hot pink is having a fashionable moment. If you’re anything like me, pink does not exist in our closet either. But I must say I’ve had second thoughts about standing out in bold color like hot pink. I’m loving the idea of mixing hot pink with neutrals including army green cargos. What a stylish way to wear a pop of color with an edge. Even hot pink can inspire some fashionable cargo pant outfit ideas.


Black Button Down

Just like the blazer, a black button down is a wardrobe essential. A black button down can be style so many different way simply by changing what buttons one decides to button. Buttoning one button in the middle to the shirt gives a casual effortless vibe to any look.


Sheer & Mesh

I’m loving the idea of trend on trend. Mesh top adds texture, and I love texture. I love the inspiration look below is tonal. Mixing trends can be tricky, and none of us want to look like a fashion victim, right? Therefore considering mixing trending texture and a trending style in the same color family give a chic feel to your look.



I love being casual, maybe it’s the beach girl in me. Casual “put-together” style is what I love for. An updated tee, trending pants, and good sneakers are perfect for just about any time.