Do Earrings Need to Match? Experts say NO

Trend Alert: Asymmetrical + Mismatched Earrings

This season’s big accessory trend is statement earrings. And we know there is always more than one way to make a statement with your earrings. Change it up and rock some mismatched earrings! Seriously this is a no brainer trend and it’s another one that doesn’t have to cost a thing! I’m sure you have some chandelier earrings you’ve been holding on to for years, just waiting for the moment they make their way back to being “on trend”. Well, now’s your time! And to make your special earrings feel modern, just wear one. Yes you read that right, just wear one statement earring! Or if you want to be even bolder, wear two different statement earrings.

It’s just as easy to miss the mark as it is to get it right, so here are a couple of tips to keep in mind. 1. If you’re going to go with one big statement earring try a stud in the other ear. 2. Keep the style and or metal color the same. 3. Find earrings that compliment each other instead of compete with each other. And of course you can disregard the advice and do what ever you want. That’s what makes each of our style unique, each one of us doing our own thing.

Scroll through for some serious mismatched, statement earring inspiration!

MisMatched EarringsPinterest
Mismatched EarringsElle
Mismatched EarringsElle
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Mismatched EarringsStella McCartney
Mismatched EarringsTommy Ton
Mismatched EarringsPinterest

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