What to Wear with your Teddy Coat this Week

Teddy Coat Outfit Ideas

One of the most popular pieces of outerwear is a teddy coat. It’s the perfect casual outerwear to style with just about anything in your closet. From classic accessories to hot trends we picked a few items that pair perfectly your teddy coat.

Flowy Skirt

As a fan of style I’m always open to different styling ideas, and I’m kinda in love with this look. It’s the perfect example of how unexpected items can pair together to make a very cool outfit. If you called your friend and she asked what you’re wearing and you said, “A teddy coat, hoodie, flowy floral skirt, plaid booties, mini sunglasses, and a beanie” she’d say, “are you sure you want to do that?” And it’s so cute! Love it!

Teddy Coat Hoodie Sweatshirt Beanie Mini Cat Eye Sunglasses Floral Midi Skirt Street style


Faithfull the Brand Sabila Maxi Skirt Floral Skirt

Faithfull the Brand Sabila Maxi Skirt $159 via THE SHOP LAGUNA

Dad Sneakers

I think this trend is growing on me. If you’ve been on the fence about the dad sneaker (I have), It’s time to decide. We say if you’re going to try them, shop local. And these Jeffery Campbell’s scream cool girl.

Teddy Coat Dad Sneakers


Jeffery Campbell Lo-Fi Dad Sneakers

Jeffery Campbell Lo-Fi $145 via VAN de VORT

Graphic Tee

There’s something about a simple graphic tee that gives a cool vibe to just about any outfit. And no you don’t need a $500 Gucci graphic tee to make a statement. A cool vintage or thrifted graphic is more unique and definitely more attainable.

Gucci Tee Teddy Coat High Rise Crop Flares Everyday Style


Daydreamer Rolling Stones Gradient Tongue Tee

Daydreamer Rolling Stone Tee $62 via KINDRED

Chic Neutral Accessories

This is a no brainer. I love mixing trend and classic.

Teddy Coat Outfit Neutral Accessories Everyday Style Street Style


The Emerie Convertible Purse Travel in Chic Blush Bag

Travel in Chic The Emerie Convertible Purse $130 via BLUE EYED GIRL

Via Spiga Aston Boot Neutral Boot

Via Spiga Aston Boot $350 NOW $150 via BLUE EYED GIRL


2018 was all about lavender, and don’t put it away in 2019. Keep wearing it and rock your pastel pieces with your teddy coat.

Teddy Coat Mini Cat Eye Sunglasses Lavender Sweater Crossbody Bag Dad Sneakers


Calistyle Set the Trend Sweater Lavender Sweater Pastels

CALIstyle Set the Trend Sweater $59 via RESURRECTION

I’m still in love with lavender. What about you?

Doc Martens

The IT shoe with IT outerwear…. So much yes!

Teddy Coat Pullover Hoodie Frayed Hem Jeans Doc Martens


Black 1460 Nappa Doc Martens

Doc Martens Black 1460 $144 via PRISM

High Rise Denim

All I have to say is duh…..

Teddy Coat Outfit Turtleneck High Rise Frayed Hem Levi's Black Bootie Outfits


Levi's High Rise Rib Cage Straight Ankle Pant

Levi’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Denim Pant $98 via THE SHOP LAGUNA

I own these! I’ve been wearing them at lease twice a week. They are my new favorite.


I’m a sucker for a great trouser. I love how local SoCal babe Stephanie Arant styled her trousers with a teddy coat.

Teddy Coat High Rise Trousers Turtleneck Outfit Street StyleUnconscious Style


Straight Leg High Rise Slack

Straight Leg High Rise Slack $72 by AMĒNAH

Just in Case you’re Shopping for a Teddy Coat

Teddy Coat

CALIstyle Snuggle Up Reversible Teddy Bear Coat $82 via RESURRECTION

Astr the Label Phoenix Jacket Teddy Jacket

ASTR the Label Phoenix Jacket $132 via LARGO DRIVE