Five 2013 Trends I’m Keeping in 2014

I’m always excited for a New Year with new fashion trends, that being said, there are always a few trends from last year I’m not over yet (and my never be). This goes back to personalizing your look. Style that speaks to you over the years can always be reinvented and restyled for a modern feel. I also have to exercise my fashion muscles by reinventing new ways to wear what I already have and also find ways to incorporate new trends into my closet.

I love texture in clothing. Whether is linen and crochet in the spring/summer or cashmere and tweed in the fall/winter, I think texture always add visual interest to a look. But what I’m most excited about (because it’s a HUGE investment) is wearing leather all year round. Leather always adds an element of cool luxury that most fashion lovers long for, including myself. So what if you can’t afford leather but want the look? Faux leather is the answer! Also, liquid legging or waxed denim is also a great way to get the look without the huge price tag.

leather 2                     Source: Pintrest

Every time I see mixed prints done right, I fall in love! Mixing prints is an art. Done correctly mixed prints scream, “I got this fashion thing down!” when done wrong it’s a hot mess. Anything that is a bit of a fashion risk , I love. So maybe you’re a hot mess for the first go-around of mixing prints, but oh well, at least you took the risk most won’t! I will be mixing prints in 2014.

Stylist Tip: Stripes, Leopard Print, and Plaid are the easiest prints to mix. Try this look in an accessory first if you are nervous to go all in with clothing.

mixedprints2of 5                     Source: Pintrest

I live in my boyfriend jeans! Can’t say enough about how much I love my boyfriend jeans. It’s going to be a problem, I know it! I love how I can dress them up and down. If you haven’t picked a pair of these comfy cool cut, it’s time! From Target to your favorite boutique or department store, you can find boyfriend jeans on any budget.

Boyfriend jeans 3 of 5                     Source: Pintrest

Fashion Trends aren’t the only trends I’m bringing with me into the New Year-Your look isn’t compete without your face on! Beauty Trends are essential and most personal aspect of your look. Personally I’m all about the bold lip! A bold lip is an easy and quick way (really) to look “pulled together”. Beauty Tip: Try MAC’s Lip Primer for all day color. (I use it and it works!)

bold lip                     Source: Pintrest

Natural Textured Hair is perfect for the bohemian-girl-on-the-go (this would be me). Bold Lips and Natural Hair are  two Beauty Trends that are perfect compliments to each other.

Everyone’s hair is different, so finding a great style with your natural texture can take a couple of tries. Try this on your day off, and when you have it perfected take it out at night or to the office for the perfect natural look.

Hair                     Source: Pintrest