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Why We ♥ Headlands QG

The whole OCSR team fell in love with Headlands QG when we came across these super rad leather pots on Instagram. Something so simple yet totally unexpected had us immediately obsessed. As we dug a little deeper we realized that not only does Headlands make these must have leather pots, they make so many other fun, quality leather goods. From things you would expect like wallets and bags to the unexpected valet tray and glasses case. We couldn’t wait to chat with the husband and wife duo behind the local brand and share these unique leather goods with all of you..

Inspired by an iconic landmass and rooted in the history of a California harbor town, where hide-traders once used seaside bluffs to throw “California Banknotes” to ships below. Headlands QG is the handiwork of a couple who, amid work-a-day lives of ordinary madness, constant hilarity and love, come together to combine their passions for art, design and craft to make a line of goods they can be proud of today and decades from now.

headlands QG

How long have you been designing/making leather goods and at what point did you decide to make it your career?

We have been designing and making leather goods for four years or so. About three years ago we decided to turn our hobby into a business. However, we can’t quite classify the leather business as our careers just yet. Becca nannies, works for a financial planner and slings tacos on the weekend. Scott is a full time Landscape Architect and manages large scale commercial projects. The leather business gives us the opportunity to work with our hands and to have a creative outlet; plus it has become a way for us to meet a bunch of great people.

headlands QG

What is the inspiration behind your designs? What inspired your most recent collection?

We are inspired by good, simple, clean design, and impeccable construction balanced by the occasional appearance of the elusive wabi-sabi. Our latest collection is a series of leather pots. The pots were first born out of a love for plants and pottery.  We wanted to put our spin on the pot concept and create something that would highlight the dynamic material that is leather.  When exposed to the sun it darkens, when exposed to moisture it often leaves a trace, and when leather is exposed to either hot or cold it will soften or harden. Our leather pots age quickly and beautifully as the plants contained within them grow.

headlands QG

How did you decide on Headlands QG as the name of the brand?

Our business is deeply rooted in a particular place. The name Headlands is a direct reference to a landmass that is our town’s namesake. We pay homage to an era of a time-gone-by that has direct correlation to the type of goods we make.

headlands QG

How would you describe your personal style?

Our home and workshop is filled with art from our friends and pieces of furniture that we’ve made, modified or picked up along the way.  We like the items in our home to have a story and be a reflection of our travels or of our personalities.  If we could summarize our style it would be clean, classic and thoughtful.

headlands QG

Do you have a favorite Headlands piece?

The criteria for how we choose our favorite piece has more to do with what we enjoy making than anything else.  The Dopp Kit (Travel Bag) was the very first piece we ever made and we still enjoy the process of seeing it go from a hide to a finished product.

headlands QG

What’s next for Headlands QG?

Besides cherrying out new work “truck”, a 1986 Chevy El Camino, we have some fun new products in the works. We are taking a trip to New Zealand this year so it’s only fitting that our latest line will be focused on travel related goods.

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All Photos provided by Headlands QG | Photographed by Shelley Schaefer, Samantha Meserol & Amy Hood