Trending Denim The Sister Edition: What We Wear

Trending Denim: What We Wear

The Sister Edition

with Co-Founders Rachael & Natalie Dickens

Photographed by Courtney Garkani

So if you saw my IG post of this picture I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed my sister to hold my hand to get in front of the camera. I had the bright idea of giving our audience a glimpse into each of our personal style, hence “What We Wear”. Both Katie and I love to be behind the scenes but Natalie likes to be front and center. So since I had already posted Natalie and Katie’s first What We Wear I knew it was my turn-YIKES.

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My Personal style is pretty simple, I live in denim. I love all denim and don’t really have a favorite. Over the last year I’ve bought a few pairs of wide leg jeans but have only worn them on occasion. My favorite shoes to run around in are booties and sneakers which don’t go with wide leg jeans. They need a higher shoe like a wedge or clog and that’s not very practical for me on most days. So I wouldn’t say I played dress up at all but it was nice to have an excuse to wear my wide legs. I’m obsessed with off the shoulder tops. I got this Merritt Charles top last year at Bardot (yes I’m not wearing anything new) but I’ve only worn it once, so again I thought I’d throw it on. Although I’ve worn it to an event, so many people have seen me in it-but really, who cares! BTW I seriouly need a little color, I didn’t realize I was so pale until I got these pictures back.

Ok so I have a serious jewelry obsession! Since my clothing style is more on the simple side I like to wear too much jewelry. I’ve been in love with La Weez Jewelry since the first time I saw it a couple of years ago. For those of you who read our posts often, you’ll see we use La Weez regularly as the line has a great edge, plus layers great with our love for all things bohemian.

I have to say I’m looking forward to documenting a bit more of my outfits to share with you no matter how scared I am to do it. I ask our readers all the time to step out of their comfort zones and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Thanks for caring. XO Rachael

trending denimtrending denim with la week jewelrytrending denim merritt charles ray banocstyle_feb(54of59)ocstyle_feb(59of59) edit 1000Top: Merritt Charles from Bardot// Jeans: Joe’s Jeans similar// Bracelets (right hand) Earrings & Rings: La Weeze Jewelry// Sunglasses: Ray-ban from The Soul Project // Clutch: similar// Clogs: similar// Belt: Red Fox

When Rachael said I like to be front and center, what she meant WAS that I am much more comfortable in front of the camera than her and Katie and don’t mind being front and center when need be. We always joke that I should’ve been born about 6 inches taller… but I wasn’t so no modeling career for me 😉

Can I just say, and I know most of you will agree with me, that Rachael looks Great in those photos!! I don’t know what she’s worried about!

I’ve always loved the idea of boyfriend jeans and loved the look on other people, but never myself. I’m shorter and I have thicker legs and I never felt like they fit me right or I just didn’t like the look… Until I found these! They are perfectly distressed, a nice light denim (which I like in a boyfriend jean), they fit me, and I liked the way they looked on, so I had to buy them. I’ve been a bit obsessed with longer jackets and vests so I paired my perfect boyfriend jeans with just that, a simple tee, and of course layered on some La Weez.

I hope you enjoy getting to see a little more of what we wear. Stay tuned for more to come! xo Natalie

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