Kristy Reed

Owner, Salon 74 lxxiv

A Southern California native Kristy aka Kiki, has Lived in Orange County for 30 years and is a true local and a bottle blonde! She has only worked in the beauty industry for the last 25 years. Kristy saw a need for a salon where hairdressers were valued and the clients were cherished, so she got to work and started designing the “perfect” space. Kiki is a natural when it comes to all things style so this was her dream. "I am present in my work and I am available for the team I have built. This salon wasn’t just for me it was for the friends I have that felt so uninspired and lost their spark. Now together we have built an environment that none of us want to loose!” Her job doesn’t end at the salon doors, her advisement for anything and everything style is a 24/7 job. She consults daily on design, fashion and lifestyle.