Easy Updo for New Year’s Eve and Beyond from Salon 74

Easy Updo for New Year’s Eve and Beyond

from Salon 74

We all want the perfect hair and make up look for New Year’s Eve; And we want our look to keep up with us as we party into the New Year. I have the perfect effortless, easy updo that will keep up with you while drinking champagne and dancing into the New Year. Oh, and of course will still look amazing for your New Year’s kiss.

All you need is elastic ties & bobby pins. A little hair spray and/or texture spray is always a good idea. My favorite brand is Unite! Just in case you were wondering.


Part your hair on your preferred part. Middle, side or deep side part all work. Begin to loosely section your hair in 5 parts.

Start at the back, in the middle. Loosely make a pony and secure with elastic tie. Note!!! Make sure your hair is evenly disbursed within the 5 sections.

Continue securing all 5 sections.

As you’re securing the sections, make sure that the hair at the crown of your head is a bit loose. This will allow for some volume, and room the make necessary adjustments.

Begin to braid each section and secure the end of each braid.

Next it’s time to give your braids volume by making them messy. Many people ask me about the best way to make a messy braid, so I made you a little video. Spoiler alert!! You always start at the bottom of the braid.

Make sure the check out the video!

Once all your braids are “messy” it’s time to make any adjustments to the crown of your hair. Plus, make sure it looks the way you want it to in the front. This will vary depending on how each of you like your hair styled in front.


Next flip each braid up and secure.

Continue on each braid.

Once each braid is secure, tuck and twist the end of the braids on the bottom.

Continue on each braid. Making adjustment accordingly.

Voilà! An easy updo that looks anything but….

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