Bright + Shimmery Skin: Strobing with Salon 74

Bright + Shimmery Skin


Strobing and Highlighting with Salon 74

What’s strobing you ask? It’s just strategic highlighting, and lets face it, why would we highlight any other way? Highlighting instantly brightness your skin and gives you a healthy glow. Highlighting is easier than you think. Although all our faces are a bit different the principle remains the same. Here is a simple highlighting how-to. Plus my favorite GLOW KIT by Anastasia.

Highlighting with Anastasia glow kit

Apply highlighter on the top of your check bone either directly to moisturized skin or on top of your favorite foundation.


Highlighting how-to with Salon74

Highlight on top of your brow bone, right underneath the eyebrow. This works for both natural looks and glam looks including smokey, and cat eyes.

Highlighting how-to with Salon74

Don’t forget about you lips! You can highlight them too. Add a little highlighter to your cupid’s bow. For a natural look, line your lips with a nude lipliner then take a shimmery nude gloss and add to lower lip, then smooth together.

Natural highlights.

Highlighting how-to with Salon74

Highlighting how-to with Salon74

Need more drama or want to take your look from day to night? Check out how to highlight a red lip.

Apply red lipstick. RELATED: How to make your RED Lip Last

Highlighting a red lip how-to

Apply shimmery shadow to the inner lip on both the top and bottom.

Highlighting a red lip how-to

How-to: Highlighting a red lip
Shine on in 2017

Highlighting how-to with Salon74

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