Minimalism: West Coast Winter Volume 1

Top SoCal Bloggers Show Us How to Wear West Coast Minimalism

Minimalism: We can’t get Enough

When it comes to style, I love chic simplicity. Nothing says chic and effortless like minimalism. Now I’ve said this before, effortless does not mean no effort. It’s really a feeling that someone doesn’t have to try too hard to look great. Now, that’s a feeling not reality. The reality is that it does take effort to look effortless. The reason these top SoCal bloggers look great is because they took the time to look great. That being said, taking time to look your best doesn’t have to take all day. As you can see, the best part of minimal chic looks is the neutral colors and essential pieces. That is all you need to recreate these looks and they should already be in your closet.

Mixing and matching essentials is the easiest way to pull an outfit together quickly. And that’s really it. That’s actually where the effort truly comes to play. Being organized is the effort; knowing what you have, where it is, and if it’s clean, is the real trick no one really talks about. Once you have this down, you too will master that effortless, minimal vibe.

Minimalism: Looks to copyBlank Itinerary 

Minimalism: Looks to copyThrifts & Treads

Minimalism: Looks to copyLittle Black Boots Photographed by Vincent Elejorde

Minimalism: Looks to copyPretty Little Fawn

Minimalism: Looks to copyAndee Layne

Minimalism: Looks to copySapphire Diaries Photographed by Taylor Cole

Minimalism: Looks to copyThe Fashion Sight Photographed by Vincent Elejorde

Minimalism: Looks to copyTania Sarin

Minimalism: Looks to copyMy Style Diaries Photographed by Taylor Cole

Minimalism: Looks to copyCarrie Bradshaw Lied Photographed by Vincent Elejorde

So, are you ready to channel your inner minimalist?