Master Beach Waves w/ Salon 74 lxxiv

How to Master Beach Waves

with Salon 74 lxxiv

We’re going to teach you best practices you need to know to master beach waves.

Part your hair as desired, side or middle. With a HOT 1 inch-1 1/4 inch curcling iron, take a one inch selection of hair on one side of the part.

Salon 74 lxxiv Master Beach Waves

With the iron clamp in the up position (clamp to top), place one inch section of hair in the iron, approximately one inch from scalp.

Salon 74 lxxiv Master Beach Waves

Curl hair leaving approximately one inch at ends out of the curling iron (don’t curl it)

Salon 74 lxxiv Master Beach WavesRelease curl and DON’T touch it! Next FLIP curling iron in the opposite (clamp facing down or back) direction for next section. Repeat the curl, leaving a one inch section out of the curling iron (again don’t curl the bottom)

Salon 74 lxxiv Master Beach WavesSalon 74 lxxiv Master Beach Waves

For the third section flip the curling iron back it’s original position (clamp facing upwards) and begin to curl again. Don’t touch the curls and leave a one inch section of hair at the bottom.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-8

Repeat this process of alternating the direction of the curls around entire head.

Salon 74 lxxiv Master Beach WavesSalon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-10Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-11

If a curl is too tight, simply & gently pull on the end. Don’t touch the curls yet.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-12

Once the all the hair is curled, go underneath the curls and shake at roots.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-13

Gently with your fingers, shake out the curls at the roots from the top.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-15Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-16

Spray your curls.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-18

A little more light tussling, to make the curls just the way you want.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-19Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-20

Comb down the fly aways.

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-21

Perfect Beach Waves Every Time

Salon 74 Natalie Beach Waves-22

I hope you enjoyed this beach wave tutorial. Stay tuned for more beauty tips each week from Salon 74 lxxiv.

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