A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I would just like to say, I am SO excited to be a part of the OCSR family, and to be able to bring you some of my lifestyle & fitness knowledge that I have learned while traveling this past year! Traveling for my job at Dancemakers Inc. has taught me so much about life in general, but also about discipline, organization, health, and most importantly, has helped me realize and appreciate some of the smaller things in life, that have the BIGGEST impact. Creating a lifestyle that is unique, for just you is extremely important, and also having something to keep you inspired along the way, doesn’t hurt! The following are just a few of my favorite things that I travel with, that create an impact in my life. I hope it inspires you to find the things that will shape a lifestyle that compliments you to the fullest.


Ritual Juicebox

After being a dancer and in the fitness industry my entire life, I have come to realize the importance of nutrition while being on the go. The hardest challenge I face, like most people is battling my busy schedule, and finding the time to eat right. To some of us, it might come easier than others, but companies like Ritual Juice are making it much easier to incorporate a healthy aspect of living into our lives. Their 100% organic, cold pressed juices are a great thing to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Before going on any trip, I stop by the Ritual Juicebox in Corona Del Mar, pick up a bag of various juices (their beet boost is my favorite) freeze them overnight, and simply put them in my luggage the next morning, so when I arrive at my destination, I can be fueled and energized. After incorporating these juices into my life, I have found a positive change in my energy levels, my skin has a constant glow, and feeling great about the healthy choice I made, always boosts my self esteem.


Photo Source: Ritual Juice

Darling Magazine


Health can be brought to someone in various ways. For me this not only means eating healthy, but also staying inspired, and expanding your knowledge outside of your own awareness. As I spend more time in the airport, a car, a plane, among loud noises, and lots of people, I become very aware of how one can become drained. Darling Magazine, is something I carry with me, rain or shine, even while I am not traveling. I found Darling Magazine, on accident, and could not be any more excited about it. Their articles are based around encouraging; the art of being a woman. Broken up in eight segments: The Dreamer, The Hostess, The Confidant, The Stylist, The Explorer, The Beautician, The Intellectual, & The Achiever … You can’t help but find something to inspire you. Their blog features small articles of inspiration, but it is their Magazine that really lets you explore the beauty this publication has to offer. I pick up my issues of darling magazine at my local Anthropology, the newest issue, No. 8 is in stores now!


Photo Source: Darling Magazing


Coconut Oil Meets My Clarisonic

Among the many adventures of traveling, not only does your body have a hard time adjusting to flight patterns, time zones, and sleep deprivation, but what most ignore is the most important aspect of our entire bodies: our skin!

When looking in my toiletry bag, I have over 15 different small bottles of expensive creams, from serums, to face wash, to peels, the list could go ON, and ON. Traveling this past winter, made me have an whole new awareness for my skin, how it changes texture, and what kind of a toll dehydration will take on your skin cells. I can admit, like most women, I like to look my best and went to every extreme to bring my skin back to life, hence the expensive creams and peels, but nothing seemed to work. Until … a friend told me she stopped using all products and started using coconut oil, hot water and her Clarisonic. And well, lets just say I took her advice, and my skin started to glow, I no longer had any uneven texture or discoloration on my face, and I even now go to the extreme of massaging the coconut oil into my hair, and use it as lotion for the rest of my body. Not only does coconut oil have extreme health benefits, but it is also easy to travel with, I simply just put it in a plastic bag, and put it right in my suitcase. You can use any coconut oil from your local grocery store, but I pick mine up at Trader Joe’s, its organic, and only costs $5.99 (such a deal!) Incorporate this inexpensive luxury into your life, and I promise you will immediately start to see the difference!