Vacation Recovery

Vacation Recovery 

We all know traveling can take a toll on our bodies, and more importantly, our minds. A lot of times I come back after a work trip or a vacation and feel like I need a “vacation from my vacation” … I finally came to the conclusion that I can create a vacation right here at my home in Laguna Beach, CA. Anyone can create a fun, comforting escape right where they are. No luggage, lines or hassles involved. Come out on top, feeling refreshed from your “stay-cation” with these easy, simple, and relatable recovery tips.


It’s Tea Time

There really is nothing better than curling yourself up on the couch & having a warm cup of your favorite tea. Time magazine states that tea, not only tastes good, but also boots 13 important benefits for your health. Some of them include properties that fight against cancer, some teas are known to boots endurance and protect against many neurological issues that face us as we age. (source: The list goes on and on, but we don’t really need any other reason than, that we simply love it!! My favorite type of tea is Yogi Tea, which you can get in pretty much any grocery store or health food Market. Favorite flavor? Bedtime – it simply calms me down, I can cozy up and relax in my own little Oasis by the beach. Find your own favorite flavor here: (source:


Laguna Beach, Surf & Sand Resort

There really is no place like home. Especially when you get to call Laguna Beach your home every day. The Surf and Sand resort is located in the heart of Laguna, and inside this gem of a resort, is an amazing spa, and even better? Splashes, a bar that sits right on the sand. I mean, does life get any better than that? When I come home from a long trip, I love to spend an afternoon poolside at the Surf & Sand, cocktail in hand, and enjoy the ocean breeze. The best part about this hotel is that, when you purchase a service at the Aquaterra spa, you can enjoy the amenities of the hotel, such as the pool, and the fitness center. If you get bored by the pool, just a short walk will lead you straight to their private beach. This hotel is somewhere to relax, their staff pays close attention to detail, from the valet to the fresh flowers that are placed strategically throughout the entire hotel. If you don’t believe how great this oasis can be, then just book a spa treatment, grab your bathing suit & check it out yourself.


A Good Read

Is there is something so cozy, and makes you feel right at home? For me, its a great book. I find myself having a hard time choosing a book these days, with a library on your ipad that can so quickly fit in your purse. I am quick to push the download button, when remembering as I purchase a novel, I don’t have to carry it around in my bag, or backpack like in the 6th grade. But there is so much more to reading, that helps bring you right back to the moment, to feel content, and take a break from the busy life we all lead. To rejuvinate fully.. You owe it to yourself to get some quiet time, whether its with a great magazine, the newspaper, or in my case a classic book. I gravitate towards classics, something that makes me feel nostalgic, that I can really relate too. Something with substance, that doesn’t let me drift, and I can be fully present. One of my favorite books pictured above is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. This books reminds me of my childhood, and instantly makes me feel just like home. Vacation Recovery is all about taking care of your body and mind, so grab your new favorite tea, find a place you feel comfortable, and get lost in the moment.