Cruise Essentials

Tips & Essentials

This past weekend I took a little getaway trip with 3 of my girlfriends to Ensenada, Mexico.  It was my first experience taking a cruise, and despite all the horror stories you hear about cruise lines, we had the most amazing time!

I learned a lot about accommodations, surroundings, and packing essentials that I just had to share, because if all is properly planned for, sailing the ocean for a few days, with no cell service, can be a fun relaxing vacation.

Research your Destination 

When visiting a new destination, it is key that you know where you are going, especially in a different country. A lot of cruise lines have activities for you when you reach your destination, but for some shorter cruises that is not necessarily the case. Always use all your resources before heading to an unknown place. Some key questions I always ask myself before visiting somewhere new:

1. What restaurants are close to the docking port? And will it accommodate everyone in my group?

2. What actives are in the area? And do I plan ahead, or can I book when I arrive?

3. What will I need when I get off the boat? Some smart things to travel with are small bags to keep your currency safe, a towel in case there is an exotic beach nearby, and really comfortable walking shoes in case you end up on an adventure!

4. A cell phone! Most cell phone companies will charge you a roaming fee – but pay in advance and you will be alerted if you start to go over your minutes. Most providers charge an extra fee for roaming while on a cruise ship – and I learned my lesson the hard way, so make sure you research all your options BEFORE you go, if you are a first time cruiser!!:)

Booze for the Cruise


I found out quickly while on my cruise to Mexico that alcohol on the boat can get a bit pricey. Luckily this past year I have traveled quite a bit and found this at many hotels & destinations I have been to. So, in turn, I have a quick, easy, and safe way to travel with your own wine! (I mean, what could be better?)

Most airlines and cruises-ships are extremely strict about keeping liquid in your carry on, but you are more than welcome to pack liquid in any checked luggage. Most regulations for airlines do not give specific oz, but on a cruise ship, you are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per/person. I find that carrying glass can be heavy, and also dangerous – so after stumbling upon these amazing boxed wines at Target, I haven’t gone back to using anything else. They are portable, air tight, and the best part.. AFFORDABLE!! Boxes range from two glasses to two bottles, and prices range from $10-$38

I think this is a great travel necessity, a time saver, and wont burn a hole in your pocket!

The Stylish Cover Up 

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.20.28 PM


Being stylish & casual can go hand in hand. While on the cruise ship, I felt extremely casual walking around in my bathing suit – and as I spent more time in different areas of the boat there was a dress code, believe it or not!!

Unfortunely I didn’t have a cover up with me, so I was forced to wear clothes that were not the easiest to take off, or the comfiest. I did some research at one of my favorite stores and found this great cover up that looks like a dress, holds texture & is different than something you would see at your everyday summer party.

It holds a price tag of around $118, but with its structure and strong texture it is sure to last you a while, and be a great hit! You can wear this great cover up on your vacation, or right here in southern California!

Voluspa Candles



Bringing all the comforts of home on my trips is important to me, and this is another item that I forgot to bring with me to Mexico, and more than ever, it was much needed. I always bring a candle with me, to set a calming mood, whether I want to relax and read, or simply take a bath after a long day of work, its aroma and reminder of my home, simply and quickly calms me down. One of my all time favorite candles is “Champagne Rose” from Voluspa, they are my ALL time favorite, their scents are unusual, and their candles have a longer burning life than most candles I have used in the past.

Being on a boat was a new experience for me, and I did not realize that with ocean scents and many other situations that happen on a boat, every once and a while some of the aroma’s in the air are not anything that scream “Romance!”

So next time you go on your cruise, be SURE to pack this candle to keep your room smelling fresh and to make you feel just like you are at home on the sea. You can pick these candles up at or I pick mine up at Morrison Hair, right here in Laguna Beach 🙂