Fitness Friday with Love Sweat Fitness

Fitness Friday Youtube Workout with Love Sweat Fitness

It’s a New Year and we’re starting it off with our new Fitness Friday’s. For our very first Fitness Friday we wanted to bring you our favorite trainer’s (LOVE SWEAT FITNESS) fat burning workout video to help get a head start on your New Year’s fitness resolution.

I don’t know about you but at the beginning of each year I try to make a fitness resolution. Last year, because of LOVE SWEAT FITNESS, my resolution stuck. I’ve been consistanly working out a couple times a week, and just 2 days a week DOES make a difference. In the past, time seemed to be by biggest stumbling block; I’m sure this is true for most people. But, I have the answer for you and in just three words: LOVE SWEAT FITNESS. I’ve (plus the OCSR team) have had the pleasure of working out with Katie of Love Sweat Fitness for the past year. I can’t tell you how much we love to work out with Katie of LOVE SWEAT FITNESS. It’s been Katie’s Youtube Channel that has made this possible (plus she comes over each week and kicks the whole teams ass).

The LOVE SWEAT FITNESS youtube channel is free. Who doesn’t love FREE? These workouts can be done any time from a small space in your home or apartment. There is no excuses any more. Stay tuned for more great workouts and health tips from the OCSR team and of course our favorite trainer, LOVE SWEAT FITNESS.

Have a great workout! And if you need more work outs from now until next week check out all of Katie’s work outs on her youtube channel. OH BTW don’t forget to subscribe!