So… Have you Heard of Lampshading Yet?

Not so New Trend with a Funny New Name: Lampshading

Didn’t you Hear all the Cool Girls are doing it…

The other day our Head Stylist, Katie Keyes, and I where stepping out to pull clothing for an up coming photo shoot and she asked me, “Have you heard of Lampshading, it’s the newest trend” and then proceeded to laugh. In which I replied, “No”, slightly confused. She laughed again and then told me, so we both laughed. At this point you’re probably thinking, “JUST TELL US ALL READY!” So here it is…. Simply put, lampshading is wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots with a dress or skirt (maybe just a top) that hits above or right at the top of the boots. Apparently the team at PopSugar have coined this trends’ name. Anyway, the name is silly but the look is anything but.

I’ve got to say I’m totally in love with lampshading. Check out some of my favorite “lampshading” looks to copy!

Serena-Goh-5-2-1157x771Photo Source: The Spicy Stiletto

Over-The-Knee-Boots-Outfit-56Source: Viva Luxury

953e1629e8524be1a8fc88cd02702abcvia Pinterest

over the knee boots lampshading on oc style report ohh couturePhoto Source: Ohh Couture

carrie-bradshaw-lied1Source: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

bd9d0c0922f479550b276cf06abffdb0via Pinterest
6008acddd8224b7de28c00fff7289e60Source: WhoWhatWear

I realize that Stuart Weitzman has cornered the market on the “it” over-the-knee boots (with a high price tag I might add) but, I wanted to mention that over the knee boots don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That being said they are sightly higher in price than booties. I just bought an insanely rad pair at Zara currently on sale for less than $100 (real leather and look just like a Saint Laurent pair  $1495.00).

Zara on Sale for $99
Saint Laurent $1,495 (Yikes!)