Meet OCSR’s Newest Contributor, Paula Oblen

Welcome Paula!

Paula post pic

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest contributor Paula Oblen. Paula is the designer, owner and creator of Hotelements. We are so lucky to have this amazing  Interior Designer as part of our style team, bringing our readers tips and tricks to make your home as stylish as your wardrobe. Paula will show us all how fashion trends lend to home decor.

Get to know a little about Paula.

Paula is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of interior design consulting experience in multiple business ventures. As owner and operator of three successful retail and home furnishings design studios, Paula has grown an expansive client base throughout Southern California. Her ongoing knowledge and understanding of unique hotel space design surfaced when she began creating similar environments for residential and commercial clients. This became the creative platform that showcased her ‘signature’ approach—fusing the best boutique hotel inspiration and experiences into her projects.

As a designer, I’ve often found myself lost in the ambience of a lobby or guest room—gazing around wondering, how can I make my home look and feel this way? Well, it’s that question, combined with my favorite cocktail and notes scribbled on a napkin, that fueled the idea of a business based purely on passion—hotelements® was born.

Hotelements® [hoh-tel-uh-muhnts] is where you discover unique design elements and ideas from your favorite hotels inspiring you to bring the experience home. Creative hotel design evokes our emotions. It inspires. It connects us to memorable experiences we yearn to emulate at home. Paint color, lighting, designer chairs, even a ‘signature martini’ are just a few ingredients that draw us in. Hotels are perfect destinations for discovering your style.

The Hotelements® visual, interactive online platform, influenced by hotel interiors, provides an enhanced ‘Shop this Look’ experience. While building her new biz, Paula continues to work on select client projects. Paula shares her style tips and design expertise via her blog and social media platforms and will keep you ‘on trend’ with the latest in hip hotel design—ultimately inspiring you to bring your favorite hotel space into the home.