Designer Spotlight: MINT Clothing Company

Lines We ♥ Mint Clothing Company

I love easy, effortless style for my day to day life that’s why I personally love MINT Clothing Company. We had the pleasure to work directly with Jessica Snyder the owner and designer of MINT. As a fan of the line I was so excited for our designer spotlight on MINT. The best thing about MINT is it’s laid back cool girl beach vibe-it’s so me! Get to know Jessica, her line, and take a look at our OC STYLE spin on MINT Clothing Company.

Q&A with Designer Jessica Snyder


Q. When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Hm.. this is always a tough question for me! It wasn’t this BIG decision like “I’m going to be a designer.” I always had ideas of things I wanted to make and one day I just started sketching and kinda messing around. I thought “I’ll try this out…” When I started making things, I just had this feeling of “OK. I think I am on the right track.” So I’ve been plugging away since then.

Q. What was the first item you ever designed?

The first thing I ever designed that actually got made was “The Paradise Tee”!! It’s a photo I took on my phone at “Paradise Cove” in Malibu. It’s still one of our most popular tees, which is awesome.

Q. What made you decide to take the leap and start your own clothing line?

I didn’t think of it as a leap, it was just a progression of what I had been working on. Maybe that just makes it sound a little less scary haha! I slowly put out a few tees, waited to see how they did and it grew from there. Adding hoodies, and pants etc.. has been challenging in the best possible way because I had no previous experience with design. Every new collection with new pieces also brings new challenges for me. I love it!! Never a dull moment.

Q. What’s the style inspiration behind MINT Clothing?

I grew up surfing and I’ve spent a lot of time at the beach and I think that definitely comes through. I wanted to make easy, throw on pieces that were versatile enough to wear after surfing while hanging out at the beach but also in every day life. Or if going to the beach is your every day life, good on ya!

Q. What is your proudest professional moment to date?

This has been such a crazy ride since the start. There has been so many awesome moments. I think what makes me happiest is seeing women and girls wearing things I made! Its surreal. Also getting e-mails and comments from followers just wanting to say hi and they love the brand or talking about their favorite pieces… it’s a great feeling.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

I am a tee shirt and jeans girl. Especially now, working so much, comfort is key!! I basically design for myself. I think, what are things I am wanting/needing on daily basis? Tees, leggings, harems, pullovers.. I’ve got myself covered now!

Q. What’s piece of the line do you find yourself wearing the most?

Tie Dye Harems. No question. I LIVE in them. I wear them to sleep and then I wear them to the beach and then I wear them running around Downtown working. So comfy.

 The Harem

MINT Clothing slouchy pants 1

MINT clothing slouch pants 2

Do the Twist Dress (Tank)// Harem Pants// Necklace: La Weez

The Sweatshirt

Mint Sweatshirt 2

Sweatshirt 1

Sweatshirt// Jeans: Rich & Skinny from Red Fox// Sandals: Sam Edelman from Swirl

The Printed Tank

Mint Tank 1

Mint Tank 2

Tank// Pants// Jewelry: La Weez// Shoes: DV + Vanessa Mooney from Swirl// Clutch:

Tie Dye Perfection

Mint clothing tye dye dress 1

Mint Dress tye dye 2

Dress// Bag: // Jewelry: La Weez

The T-Shirt Dress

Mint Clothing Dress 3


Dress// Jewelry: La Weez

The whole OCSR Team would like to give a big THANK YOU to Jessica, owner & designer, for personally bringing down an amazing selection of her amazing line! Please check out MINT Clothing Company and Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Model: Hanna Melewski// Hair & Make-up: Swell Beauty// Stylist: Katie O’Sullivan & Jessica Snyder// Photography: Rachael Dickens