Utilizing Social Media to Land your Dream Fashion Job


The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in terms of jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to land your dream fashion job.  Although there are thousands of young, eager, fashion students looking to break into the industry each year, you can stand out among the crowd by using social media to brand yourself as a fashion tastemaker.  Here are some tips on on how to use social media to get the job you want:

1.     Connect Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top sites recruiters and hiring managers utilize.  Use LinkedIn to highlight who you are and what you have achieved.  Add work samples, blog posts, or websites that feature your work.  Use the status feature to post fashion articles you find fascinating and post events you plan on attending.  Follow specific brands and influencers you like.  By following brands it shows you are not only interested in finding a career, but you are interested in what their brand is all about.  Leverage your connections;   Email recruiters/hiring manager when you see an open job.  Make your presence known.

2.     Blend Your Professional & Personal Life

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your passion for the industry.  Consider your blog a professional diary.  Blog about your fashion activities, like where you shop, brands or new collections you like, or your opinion about trends.  Show your fashion sense, creative ability, and opinion — recruiters love that.  If you’re not much of a writer, then create a YouTube channel and be a Vlogger.   This allows your personality to shine through, while showcasing your professional ability.

3.     Tweet Your Way to the Top

Twitter is the second most used social networking site recruiters and hiring managers use.  Twitter gives you access to what people are thinking.  An individuals twitter feed is a tool for getting to know someone as a person.  You are able to showcase your favorite quotes, retweet articles you find interesting, and instantly reply to someone’s tweet.  Similar to LinkedIn, you are able to follow specific brands on Twitter while retweeting and liking specific content.  Be sure to follow all the fashion recruiters, like @Gamechangersus, because they post jobs almost daily!

4.     Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

Utilize Instragram and Pinterest to showcase your fashion sense.  Consistently work to build your following on Instagram with unique content and hash tags.  Post great pictures of looks you love and tag brands you like – they will take notice!  Use Pinterest to showcase your unique style by creating distinctive ‘boards.’  For example, create fashion enthusiast boards such as “Fall Inspiration,” “Fashion Week Favorites,” “NYC Street Style.”  Showcasing different visuals will show the hiring manager your knowledge of luxury fashion brands and designers.  Position yourself as a fashion connoisseur.

5.     Be a Thought Leader

Don’t say you have an impeccable fashion sense, show it.  Utilize Tumblr to express your personal likes and dislikes in the fashion industry.  Showcase snippets of your favorite fashion designers, celebrity looks, or fashion shows.  It is important to establish the voice of your profile.  Do you want your Tumblr to be a hub of inspiring fashion quotes?  Or a site that features the do’s and dont’s of fashion?