Industry Icon | Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons 

“The Woman who Dresses America”

Commonly nicknamed “The Woman Who Dresses America” Jenna Lyons is one of the Fashion Industry’s heavy hitters, and it is no wonder! Jenna Lyons was named creative director & president of J. Crew in 2008, and in the last year alone the company has seen a 9% increase in sales, which brings them to 2.4 billion dollars. She is the perfect picture of the american dream, and an encouragement to all young women, working their way to the top.


 Jenna attended Parson’s Fashion Design school in NYC – and was hired by J.Crew at the age of 21, as an assistant men’s designer. She quickly worked her way up, and in 2003 was head of Women’s Design at J. Crew. Her ambition and strive for quality and great work was quickly noticed by Millard Drexler, the current CEO & Chief Director of the company. They became close friends, and in 2008 Jenna was named President and Creative Director. She now oversees ALL of the company’s departments, and is heavily involved in each category of design. Each week Jenna releases her favorite trending pieces on J. Crew’s website, see them here:  Jenna’s Picks!

The most unique factor about Jenna’s success has been her trademark style. Her unique approach to patterns, clean cut trousers & bright colors, has brought a diversified look to the company. Although she does not like to be referred to as a “tastemaker” she simply is setting new trends in the fashion industry, and translating her style right onto the shelves at J. Crew. Jenna’s influence in the fashion industry is a great reminder, that when we set ourselves apart from the crowd, we can open doors in so many directions. She prides herself on her consistency, and I think we can all take notes on that subject!

mix-n-matchI admire Jenna’s ambition to be different in a world where everyone is constantly mimicking each other. It shows a sense of individuality, that we all can, and should, embody. Even with recent backlash, and customers blaming Jenna for J.Crew’s increased prices and new look, she rises above. She simply states that quality versus quantity is everything. So true! Jenna will truly be a role model for myself, and I hope her ambition and style can continue to influence young girls to keep following their dreams, and dressing their best!


Photo Source including Featured Image: Madame.Lefigano