Ask a Stylist: Frayed to Hem or to Cut?

Q. I’ve been seeing all these frayed hems. What do you think… Do or Don’t?
A. I say DO!

Why you ask? Frayed hems are a trend. For your narrow leg openings warn at your ankle, have fun cutting off a pair of older jeans you haven’t had time to take to the tailors. There is no need to invest in an expensive pair of premium denim when this is the perfect DIY trend. Pair this look back to everything from pumps and booties to sandals and flats.

DIY TIP: If you cut off your jeans cut them a little longer than you want (about a 1/2 inch) and then wash them. This allows a little room for the fray to do it’s thing without you wearing high waters.

As far as large leg openings like a bootcut jean, keep that hem tailored. I say this for two reasons; there is “cool and edgy” and then there is scruffy-frayed hem jeans that just look scruffy, not cool. Second, on a practical note, when the trend changes (and it will) you won’t have enough material for a proper hem and your jeans will end up in the giveaway pile.

Here are some great examples of frayed hems. I have to admit… I’m a little obsessed myself!
 Photo Source: Refinery 29// Photo Credit: OLIVIA MALONEFrayed Jeans Photo Source: Free PeopleFree People fryed JeansPhoto Source: Song of Style
song_of_style_skinny_jeans_lace_up_pumpsPhoto Source: PinterestFrayed Hem 4Photo Source: They All Hate UsFrayed Jeans 3Photo Source: PinterestFrayed Hems FeaturePhoto Source: Sincerely JulesSincerly Jules Frayed JeansPhoto Source: Free PeopleFrayed Jeans with Booties