Take your Fashion Internship into a Full Time Job

How to Turn Your Internship into a Full Time Job

Is it possible to turn an internship into a full time job? It is! Many employers use internships to try out potential employees. If you prove yourself as a team player, hard worker and someone the employer and staff want to work with, your chances greatly increase to land that highly coveted job offer.

A vital part in turning your internship into a full-time position is to find the right one for you. Do your research to find internship programs for companies that you want to work for. Gamechangersus.com, a website designed to help job seekers connect with people in the fashion and apparel industries, is a great tool to help find open internships. Currently, there are internships available at O’Neill and Hurley in Orange County on the site. Gamechangersus.com also allows you to follow your favorite brands and get notifications when they are hiring. Follow the brands that you’re passionate about and be open to a wide range of departments, such as: marketing, sales, licensing, design, human resources, public relations, merchandising, etc.  Even if the internship is not in the department you eventually want to work in, go for it to prove yourself! If a company sees potential in you and likes you, they will move you around, hopefully, to your dream job.

Once you are in an internship, follow these eight tips to score that full-time job offer:

1.) Set goals for yourself – Once you have secured an internship, meet with your supervisor to discuss expectations (theirs and yours). Be forthright about telling them what you would like to learn.

2.) Take initiative and exceed expectations — Be the first to volunteer on assignments, no matter how small or un-fun of a task. Prove yourself on the smaller projects so that you can be trusted with more work later. Be willing to do anything to get the job done, even work nights and weekends!

3.) Keep a positive attitude — This may seem obvious, but your supervisor and staff will notice when you approach a project with a smile and a “can do” attitude.  Nobody wants to work with a Debbie downer or someone who is too good for certain tasks.

4.) Network with your coworkers — Whether it be your fellow interns, supervisor or colleagues, show a genuine interest in getting to know them. It pays (pun intended) to invite coworkers out to lunch or coffee. Ask co-workers questions about how they succeeded in the company and get advice on what you could do to get hired.

5.) Ask clarifying questions – Better to ask and verify that you are doing an assignment correctly than to completely miss the mark and create more work for your supervisor.

6.) Schedule a midway and final review with your supervisor — This one is important so that you can assess and evaluate how you have been successfully contributing to the company during your internship.

7.) Express interest in a current or potential full-time position — If you have enjoyed your experience and the company culture, let the hiring manager know you are interested in a full time job. If there is not a current position available, keep in touch with the hiring manager and follow-up in a couple months.

8.) Send hand written thank you notes to coworkers —Do your best to finish your internship on a positive note. A hand written thank you note to your supervisor is a sweet little gesture that shows you really appreciated working with them.