Fall Hair Trends to Try Right Now

High Impact Hair Styles you Can REALLY Do Yourself

The Low Pony

Change up your low, slicked back pony by strategically adding extra contrasting, elastic hair ties.

Valentino | Photo Credit: Imaxtreehbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ponytail-04-Valentino-clp-RF14-1751-lg

Braided Buns

Combine your two favorite updos into one fresh new look. How you ask?

1. Back comp your crown. 2. Make a pony & secure. 3. Braid your pony,  twist into a bun & secure. Done and done!

Photo Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

Texture, Texture, Texture

1. Take front section of hair, braid with ribbon, secure, then loosen (mess up) braid 2. Make a second pony tail with the middle section of hair (leave the bottom layer loose) Repeat step 1.  3. Secure all hair at the base of the neck with elastic, and wrap the remainder of the ribbon around the elastic and secure.

Nicole Miller | Photo Credit: ImaxtreeNicole Miller

Half & Half

1. Pull back top half of hair & secure. 2. Fishtail braid the pony & secure… So simple!

Etro | Photo Credit: Imaxtreehbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-03-Etro-clp-RF14-5673-comp-lg

Bump it?

1. Side-part 2. Back comb 2. Loosely pull back half hair & secure with bobby pins

Gucci | Photo Credit: Imaxtreehbz-fw2014-hair-trends-casual-waves-02-Gucci-bks-Z-RF14-5245-lg

Wet Textured Buns

1. Towel dry 2. Run your finger though your wet hair 3. Pull into a pony, twist into a bun & secure

Prada | Photo Credit: Imaxtreehbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ballerina-bun-04-Prada-bks-A-RF14-6121-comp-lg

Barely a Wave-Natural Texture

1. Part hair & Air dry 2. Wrap large sections of hair around the outside of a large barrel curling iron until finished.

Isabel Marant | Photo Credit: Imaxtreehbz-fw2014-hair-trends-casual-waves-05-Marant-clp-RF14-9568-lg

Photo Source: HarpersBazaar.com

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