Designer Spotlight | Pamela Hannon

Why We ♥ Pamela Hannon

I came across Pamela Hannon’s designs when I was shopping (…shocker) in one of my favorite boutiques; Swirl in San Clemente. I was looking for something special to get my mom for her birthday. They had the cutest, dainty gold initial necklaces and I loved them so much I bought one for my mom, and then of course I had to have one myself. Now, every time I go into Swirl browsing the new Pamela Hannon is a must. My most recent, and standing favorite, purchase was a killer skinny leather wrap necklace that has become apart of my everyday attire. To say I’m obsessed with it is an understatment! I love how versatile Pamela’s designs are, she has something for everyone.

pamela hannon designer spotlight
How long have you been designing and at what point did you decide to make it your career?
I have been designing since my mid 20’s, in Venice Beach while working in the cosmetology industry. So close to 30 years, wow. I started doing parties and home shows in the early 90’s and shortly after opened a small gallery space in Santa Monica with my jewelry, clothing designs and paintings. So it pretty much became a full-time business from there forward. Then we moved to San Diego right before my second child was born and I have been growing the business ever since.
pamela hannon designer spotlight
What are the inspirations behind your designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?
As an artist, I have always been inspired by high fashion, vintage, and the unique/beautiful people and things I saw growing up in LA. If it was something I couldn’t afford, I would make it. I continue to be inspired by trends on and off the runway. I love unique, bold, and simple designs. My pieces tend to reflect a laid back bohemian inspired feel that I think reflects my upbringing and life in Southern California. In my line right now, I have my staples/basics that I have been making for years, as well as certain seasonal pieces. They are inspired by simple, sleek femininity and a timeless look.
pamela hannon designer spotlight
Where does the name Pamela Hannon Designs come from?
Well, I tossed around a few names over the years and then decided, simple was better. It’s my name, it’s my stamp.
pamela hannon designer spotlight
How would you describe your personal style?
Artistic. Always evolving. Along with my jewelry I also make clothing (mostly for myself) so I am always putting my own spin on current trends. I definitely have an affinity for bohemian, 70’s inspired clothing. I absolutely can’t stand the “manufactured look.”
pamela hannon designer spotlight
What’s next for Pamela Hannon Designs?
Currently, we are revamping our website, and shortly will be selling a curated collection of some of our pieces online. In addition to all of our current retailers in San Diego, and our one Orange County store (Swirl Boutique) we are looking to branch up the coast a little into Orange County and Los Angeles.
All photos provided by Pamela Hannon