Designer Spotlight | Karen London Jewelry

Why We ♥ Karen London

I came across Karen London on Instagram and immediately had a major crush! I loved the fact that her line was bohemian but still very different from what everyone else was doing. Her pieces have the perfect pairing of novelty and delicateness; something for every boho babe out there. I personally love to pull in color through my jewelry, and Karen London sure knows how to do it right! Karen London is the owner and the person behind the brand. Kristina McDaniel is her Lead Designer. Learn more about Karen, Kristina, and their collaboration to bring you the fabulousness that is Karen London Jewelry, with our Q&A below!

Karen London Jewelry Bohemian Festival Collection

How long have you been designing/making Jewelry and at what point did you decide to make it your career?

Well, I spent my youth in Upstate New York during the rock n’ roll 60’s. Music festivals and free-spirited clothing were new ideas then, and expression through style was the truest art form. So it was only natural after years of curating other designers collections for trunk shows around the America’s, that I would start my own fashion label. It was always a dream of mine and of course I was very excited when I launched it. I haven’t looked back.

Karen London Jewelry bohemian Gold Dust collection
What are the inspirations behind your designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

My inspiration draws quite a bit from vintage jewelry, i.e. Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Native American vintage designs are a huge influence. The craftsmanship is just exquisite and timeless. There is something about vintage jewelry that just tells a story I can’t escape wanting to hear. With that said, I do like the marriage of modern geometry and angles. I feel the combination gives it a bohemian feel but for the modern soul.

Karen London Jewelry Bohemian gold dust collection
Where does the name Karen London come from?

It is my brand name!

Karen London Jewelry bohemian festival collection
How would you describe your personal style?

I can always be found in black on black with a solid pair of motorcycle boots. I feel like jewels should be the focus of one’s outfit.

Karen London Jewelry Bohemian festival Collection
What’s next for Karen London?

Well, we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary this past January. We are so grateful for everything we’ve accomplished in that short time. As for what’s next, we are constantly learning and evolving. Listening to the amazing women that wear the brand. We just started adding new stone/color ways in our Summer Collection. We are excited to see where that takes us!

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All Photos Provided by Karen London

Model: Tarina// Photographer: Paris Helena