Belo Blow Dry Bar |The London

Belo Blow Dry Bar Presents:

The London w/ Outside French Braid

Demonstrated by stylist, Riley Weber on Belo Owner Patricia Musselman

Belo the london before pic

Step 1:

Flip hair over
Belo The London pic 3

Step 2:

Reverse French braid by taking hair from the nape of neck towards top of head; leave front of hair out of braid.
Belo The London pic 2

Step 3:

Put all hair in ponytail at crown of head.Belo the London pic 4

Belo The London pic 5

Step 4:

Divide pony into 4 sections and tease each section.Belo picBelo the London pic 6

Step 5:

Fold each section under and pin in place. Once pinned, spread out sections to fill in holes.Belo Pic 10

Belo The London pic 9

Step 6:

Spray in place, messy or sleek!Belo the London Finished

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