To Trend or, Not To Trend

The definition of the word trend is, “A general direction in which something is developing or changing.”

I think that it’s safe to say, that our world is rapidly evolving by the day, hour, minute, and thanks to social media; by the second. To some, this may be thrilling while to others scary, but to all, it is happening.

We know that the universe rotates at an excelled speed, well in fashion, that speed is doubled. With the aid of various social media outlets such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., trends continuously come and go and are being innovated by anyone and everyone. Trends are still seen and inspired by markets world-wide, because they are easier to develop by people right in their own venues.

All this and more, thanks to the constant social-media buzz, trend forecasting is becoming less of a prediction and more of a guide to follow. We can now pick and choose inspirations from people who have created, are supporting, or are experimenting with different fashion concoctions.

People like Forever 21, Top Shop and Zara are better equipped to handle this fast-paced and non-seasonal, product-life cycle, because their processes of manufacturing and supply chain allows them to be. The high-end, luxury brands and designers are the ones facing the biggest of struggles.

Trend forecasting has become less relevant in our society. It adheres itself to a niche group of designers, who have followed these sites and publications for years, as if their forecasts were their “bibles.” In an article titled, “Do Fashion Trends Still Exist,” I read a quote by Marc Worth, “Today the idea of a bunch of people sitting in a room and deciding what the colors are going to be in two years’ time or what materials are going to be used in three years’ time is complete nonsense.” This is so true. What it boils down to is this, responsiveness vs. forecasting.

Trends are emerging overnight and vanishing the next day. There are trends that have been predicted to be, “one-season wonders” yet, have lasted much longer, because of the constant hype put out on social-media feeds.

It’s crucial to establish an unforgettable brand now-a-days, because trends do not last forever. I bet that if you took a poll on the number of people who look to social media for fashion advice versus, those who read fashion publications or websites, you would find that, social media would win the ballot.

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 Featured Image Photo Source: Accessories Magazine via Google Images