5 Lobby Spaces to Inspire your Living Room Space

Have you noticed hotel lobby’s starting to feel more like living rooms?  That’s because the days of the traditional, non-inviting, large empty (boring) spaces are OUT.  Now we expect serious injections of style, creativity and fun to greet us at the door, along with a cocktail. At one of my faves: SLS Hotel-Beverly Hills, your mood can direct you to one of many, intimate vignettes, each offering a cool, twisted design vibe. I love that.

Besides our entryways, living rooms also make first impressions and are often forgotten, sad, sad spaces. I mean, why call it a living room if you’re not living in it, right? Its’ time to amp your design style and take some notes from some cool California boutiques. How? Pay attention, draw inspiration, emulate.  Here are 5 hang-out worthy spots and how-to’s on bringing some of it home…..~xo Paula

1.  SLS Hotel Beverly Hills – Think Funky–One ‘unique’ element can start a conversation, hence, hang-out worthy. What’s yours?

SLS Hotel Beverly Hils-Lobby
SLS Hotel Beverly Hils-Lobby

2.  Kimpton Hotel La Jolla – Imperfection is perfect when arranging furniture. Don’t line up everything, a scattered layout with smaller pieces adds a casual, lived in vibe. These colors and textures are also perfect!

Kimpton Hotel La Jolla - Lobby
Kimpton Hotel La Jolla – Lobby

3.  Palihouse Hotel Santa Monica – Eclectic design tells a story.  If you love something, find a place for it. A dark paint color adds drama and history behind the space and it’s elements.  Black leather always adds a bit of sophistication and edge.

Palihouse Hotel Santa Monica - Lobby
Palihouse Hotel Santa Monica – Lobby

4.  Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego – Sectional sofas demand a low profile and so do the surrounding accent items. This keeps the vibe sexy and sleek making you want to slither into the space. Less is more!

Kimpton Hotel Palomar - Lobby
Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego – Lobby

5.  The Parker Hotel Palm Springs – Into Boho? Tap into your inner hippie and think Anthropol0gy goes to Coachella. Inject color, (keep walls white) texture, patterns and prints with a dose of funk and you got it. Maybe the only place I would approve a tassel!

The Parker Hotel Palm Springs – Lobby
 All photos provided by Hotelements®


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