Tis the Season for Plaid

Tis the Season for Plaid

Plaid is a fall fashion staple we all love. The trick to this traditional trend is to find new ways to wear this season’s favorite print, and we have. Here are a dozen plaid looks that have me MAD FOR PLAID.


Ok we don’t need a bunch of pictures of girls wearing scarves because that’s a no brainer but I will say I loved this plaid scarf look. It’s a bit different, I love how the two scarves where layered over a always winning combo ~ boyfriend jean, a moto jacket and pumps.

3786f3267c6e01eb6c8e31a8200636a2Source: Garance Doré


Every woman should have at least one plaid button down in her wardrobe. This simple shirt can be worn in so many ways, as a light weight jacket, a simple button up with just about any bottom, and of course as an accessory tied around the waist.

dbfec84ae555cff967143b0f9485dec4Source: Urban Outfitters

Plaid We Wore WhatSource: Collage Vintage

42710c7e2a8acf921c6f52c35ae1e402Source: Sincerely Jules


Plaid jackets and blazers make a louder statement then either a scarf or button down. Don’t be afraid to let your style standout. Throw your plaid outerwear over a “go-to” outfit to give your favorite look a new life.

a20a469cd8526e25ca44311c706df3c1Source: Atlantic-Pacific

94934a56be23be3cbc8abc2eaa64b4b7Source: Madewell


Love printed pants? Well then it’s the season to try plaid. Pair you plaid pants back to a simple solid sweater or go big and mix prints, or go all in with a matching set.

Plaid 1509a1f873797dc029d00c300f76ace5ePlaid Pants 1 & 2 Source: Pinterest

d1711bd9da4ce10a5b7a348b700fdec8Source: Atlantic-Pacific

55eaeb90a7c8217249c15abf381f68a2Source: We Wore What


I don’t know why, but there is something so festive about a plaid skirt. This is a great piece to wear to a holiday party, getting together with the family or meeting up with friends.

5c3184d354f0901639250a1a338d2ced 6cdcdee068a845142ef8762d6af8f26a9e722d3379d2e84ea5f9a6107ca72c5dAll Plaid Skirt Pics Sourced from Pinterest

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