#OOTD Baby Blue Hues via Damel in Dior

Baby Blue Hues

via Damsel in Dior

Baby blue hues don’t immediately make you think of cool edgy street style…. Well guess again. Of course mega blogger Damsel in Dior proved that baby blue hues can live on the edge. When I saw this look the first thing I though of was one of my favorite boutiques, Blue Eyed Girl. They have a great selection of both denim and Rails plaid button downs. It is always cool to me when you see a look you like and can either recreate it from something already in your closet, or you can find it at your favorite boutique.

Once again I’m drawn to jeans… Shocking. I seem to find more and more ways to wear distressed jeans, not to mention find even more looks I like with distressed jeans. I live my life in jeans….

The best thing about jeans and a top is the whole look can be transformed with shoes and outerwear. This look would work just as well with wedges, sneakers, Birkenstocks or just about any other shoes you have in your closet. Remember to try something new and take a risk. Even with your favorite jeans and top you can still find ways to take risks…. Happy Styling.

2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-208 2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-217 2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-256 OOTD 2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-198 OOTD2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-240 OOTD2015_01_05_DamselinDior1-263All Photos Sourced from Damsel in Dior Photos by Felicia Lasala