Flared Jeans: The Comeback

Flared Jeans Making a Comeback in 2015

If your flared jeans have been in the back of closet for a while it’s time to put them on to the top of pile. This spring we are seeing a big resurgence in flared denim love. I personally love flared jeans. There is something about how they completely elongate the legs that I just love. If you want to get the long leg effect of flared jeans, bootcut or wide legs wear them with heels or even, do I dare, platforms. Now when I say platforms I do NOT mean spiked heels-let’s also stay way from early 2000’s styling. A more modern shoe choice can be anything from your favorite boots, booties, wedges, or even a pump. Just make sure your shoe choice goes with the overall look.

Flared jeans work on every gal from chic to street, bohemian to classic. We picked 11 looks to inspirer you to wear your flares again. Just remember when wearing flares no matter your style make sure your jeans are hemmed properly-they should just hover the ground when your shoes are on.

Photo Source: The Zoe ReportFlared Jeans Rachel Zoe
Photo Source: Elle.com
Flared Jeans Wide Leg Jeans
Photo Source: Pinterest Flared Jeans WideLeg
Photo Source: Frankie Loves FashionFlared jeans Leg WideLeg Frankie Loves Fashion
Photo Source: RStyleFlared Jeans Wide Leg
Photo Source: PinterestFlared Leg Wideleg
Photo Source: What I WoreFlared Denim Wideleg What I Wore
Photo Source: Frankie Loves FashionFlared Denim wide Leg Frankie Hearts Fashion
Photo Source: Stockholm -Street StyleFlared Jeans Wide Leg Stolhome Street Style
Photo Source: Eat Sleep DenimFlared Jeans Wide Leg Eat Sleep Denim