The  70’s  Trend or Staple?

Every fashion season there is one decade that is always on trend, the 70’s. From floppy hats, bells, pocket details, button fronts and whimsical prints, 70’s fashion and style has taken over. For so many Southern California bohemian babes the 70’s is just part of our everyday style.

To me personally, if a decade is trending EVERY season it’s really just a style and not a trend at all. Of course there are always different details of the decade that are highlighted “trending” but at the end of the day, bohemian style is here to stay.

Bells & Flares

Printed bells have been trending on the streets of the OC for the last few years thanks to a Southern California Brand by the name of Novella Royale (you might have heard of them before) . Novella Royale’s pulse on the seventies has been hugely influential. From print to fit, Novella’s bells are hands down my favorite.

the 70'sthe 70'sthe 70'sBells: Novella Royale// Top: Rue Stiic// Necklace: Vanessa Mooney all from the Shop Laguna// Booties: Free People from Blue Eyed Girl (Laguna Beach location)

This season’s denim fad is all about the flares. Of course this go around is all about high-waisted flares and as we all know this style of denim is the most flattering on everybody. It lengthens our legs (thanks to the wedges and clogs hiding under our flares), it balances our booties and for the vast majority of us without a “thigh gap”  they are the most slimming denim around.

the 70'sthe 70'sAnabel Flares 1Cardigan: Minni Rose from The Soul Project// Top: Free People// Flares: Hudson// Booties: Free People// Hat: Brixton all from Blue Eyed Girl (Laguna Beach location)

Dresses | Texture, Color & Print

It’s the details of the era that get highlighted each season that become trends. The 70’s is a decade that seems to give us endless style possibilities. Color, texture and print seem to always be at the helm of 70’s style. One of the easiest ways to get this look is in a dress. Dresses have a way of fully expressing an era without being trendy.

the 70's the 70's the 70'sDress: Raga// Vest: Free People// Over-the-Knee Boots: Free People all from Blue Eyed Girl (Laguna Beach location)// Necklace: Vanessa Mooney from the Shop Laguna

One of the trending details of the 70’s is the throwback to color; mustard, avocado and rust. This 70’s color palette seems to be getting a lot of attention this fall season. Again, this is another way to incorporate a trend without being trendy.
Anabel for love and lemons 2the 70'sthe 70'sDress: for Love & Lemons from the Shop Laguna


This as been the year of the skirt. The resurgence of denim skirts and the button front skirt has been prolific! Whether these two trends have been merged together or paired back to different 70’s details, like bold front pockets, the skirt has taken over.

Anabel Suede Mini 1the 70'sAnabel Suede Skirt 2Top: Woo from The Soul Project// Skirt: similar// Hat: Brixton// Booties: Free People both from Blue Eyed Girl

Mixing 70’s trends is always a good idea! As skirts have been on top this year so has lace-up details. Combining details of the same decade is a good idea as long you add a modern element.
the 70'sthe 70'sAnabel Denim Skirt 2Top: Faithful the Brand// Hat: Brixton both from Blue Eyed Girl// Skirt: Level 99 from The Soul Project// Bag from the Shop Laguna

Model: Anabel Bostedt// Stylist: Katie O’Sullivan// Styling Assistant: Kirby Morris// HMU: Nicci Gaona from the Love of Hair Studio// Photography & Creative Direction: Rachael Dickens// Location Manager: Natalie Dickens