The Half Top Knot by Swell Beauty featuring Blogger Hanger Shortage

Half Top Knot by Swell Beauty featuring Blogger Hanger Shortage

One hot hair trend we’re loving at Swell Beauty is the half top knot. From the runways to the street we’ve been seeing this new twist on one of our favorite go to up-dos. We had the perfect hair model for our step by step tutorial, our friend Renee Rogers, blogger (Hanger Shortage) and fashion designer (16th Colony).

Here is a step by step how-to for a bohemian glam version of this hot trend by the owner of Swell Beauty. Remember, you can always modify anything to make it your own. For more hair tips and tutorials follow Swell Beauty on Instagram at @swellbeauty.

 Step 1.

Prep hair with hair spray/dry shampoo or volumizer

half top knot

Step 2.

Part hair and make section for the top knot

half top knot

Step 3.

Make two ponytails out of selected section
half top knot

Step 4.

Curl ponytails

half top knot

Step 5.

Knot and wind the ponytails to make a bun

half top knot

Step. 6

Secure but into place

half top knot

You can be finished there if you would like to keep the rest of your hair straight but for more drama continue.

half top knot

Step. 7

Curl the rest of your hair.

half top knot

Step. 8

Once the curls have cooled, lightly back comb the curls.

half top knot

Finished!half top knot 1half top knot 2half top knot 3half top knot 4

Swell Beauty would like to give a special Thank you to Renee for being our beautiful muse. And also to Bleudog Fotography for always providing great photos.

Hair Model: Renee Rogers// Hair & Make-up: Dee of Swell Beauty// Photography: Bleudog Fotography

All photos provided by Swell Beauty