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Why we ♥ Nicole’s Amazing Collection

I think I am La Weez Jewelry’s number one fan. Katie and I met Nichole at OC’s Fashion Week where Nichole was showing her new line- La Weez Jewelry. Right away we wanted to work with Nichole and her line. We asked her how many stores she was in and how many years had she been around, we where shocked by her answer, “I just started” said Nichole. We about died-her collection was amazing (not that of a typical new line).  Nichole carves and casts most of her pieces which means that they are unique to her design and her line, which by the way is very rare these days and is typically not done due to cost and time. But that is the amazing thing about Nichole, she is all about design and style.

On a side note, when I say I’m a fan I’m not kidding. I have purchased about 10 pieces of Nichole’s jewelry not to mention the pieces she has gifted me. Make sure to follow La Weez Jewelry on Instagram & Facebook!

Group Caroline

How long have you been designing/making jewelry and at what point did you decide to make it your career? 

I have been making jewelry since college – just assembling beads, leather, chain etc, but I didn’t know what I was actually doing until 2012 🙂 In 2011 two back injuries left me almost bedridden, unable to work and in chronic pain.  After trying just about everything eastern & western medicine had to offer with no success, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I stopped all treatments. Instead of spending everyday at PT & getting cortisone injections & focusing on my pain and all the things I was unable to do. My husband suggested I think about what I WANTED to do & was able to do. I had always wanted to know how to truly make jewelry – specifically work with metal.  So, I signed up for a jewelry class. I started with bead weaving then moved onto lost wax casting classes, then forming & fabrication.  In the beginning I could barely make it through an hour of class.  Fast forward 6 months and I was loving every minute of my 3hr classes and staying in the studio for an extra 4hrs afterward to work on my own pieces.  I was doing this several days a week! It sounds crazy but creating jewelry literally healed me.  


What is the inspirations behind your designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

I find inspiration everywhere.  I have a lot of animal pieces – lions, pussy cats and snakes oh my! Vintage clothes, jewelry & pictures I find at Thrift shops, Flea Markets and online throw me into inspiration overload. Nature is always a major influence – I have a whole tree bark series. The other day I saw a building from the 60’s and the architecture was my inspriation for a ring.

Sara Libbe Berry Dress 1

Where does the name La Weez come from?

Louise is my middle name.  Growing up I HATED it and used to hide that fact that it was my middle name! When I got serious with my husband (then boyfriend) I finally revealed that was my middle name he said, “That’s cute, I’m going to call you Weezy – like George and Weezy from the TV show the Jeffersons.”  I LOVED that show as a child so I loved my new nickname.  I responded to his emails & texts spelling it phonetically – Weez, Weezy or La Weez. So when it came time to name my line – something so personal to me – I couldn’t think of a better name. 
Caroline bandu 2

How would you describe your personal style?

Too cool for school 🙂 Ha! no. Honestly, my personal style is ever evolving. I’m so all over the place.  One day it’s boho w/ a twist, the next it’s gaudy 70’s hostess, and the next it’s comfy sexy. A few common threads in my style are a.) I looovvve vintage b.) I love one-pieces & maxi dresses/skirts as much as I love vintage and c.) the older I get the more comfort plays a role in my wardrobe, but I rarely sacrifice style as a result.  I find a way to work it out – comfy style 😉


What La Weez piece do you find yourself wearing the most?

The reality is most days I’m in my studio covered in metals shavings & polishing compound – super glamorous – so I can’t wear much jewelry. It’s mainly just my La Weez Nameplate Necklace.  When I’m cleaned up… it’s whatever my latest and greatest creation is.  As of today it’s my Wishful Thinking Ring in Brass.  I love how it’s open on top and each prong of the wishbone falls on either side of your knuckle. Plus it goes with any outfit, day or night.

Kylie Cleobella

What’s next for La Weez?

Right now all online sales run through my Etsy store, but I’m working on building my own website   I’m also expanding into more SoCal boutiques.  I have countless jewelry ideas in my head that need to be made. Last but certainly not least, an Etsy “La Weez Vintage” store is in the works. Whew 🙂

 Photo Credit: Rachael Dickens & Zachary Epstein// Models (in order): Kylie Scott, Caroline Basehart, Katie Collins (pic 1), Katie Collins, Product Shot by Zachary, Caroline Basehart, Product Shot 2 by Zachary, Kylie Scott, Product Shot 3 by Zachary

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