C O A C H E L L A B O U N D | Festival Style

9 Festival Looks to get you Inspired

Normally I talk about the clothing, how-to style, what’s on trend but when it comes to Coachella… Anything goes. Have fun with your style. Channel your personal 70’s style icon, whether it’s your mom, favorite actress,  model or rock star. Coachella is your runway, your stage. Pump up your style volume and rock out!

The looks we put together are to inspired your own unique look. All the clothing is from Rococo and if you love it, and got to have it, join Rococo (OCSR be there too) for their Boho Bound Trunk Show featuring Lovely Bird Hats, Nightcap Clothing, Novella Royalle, Jen’s Pirate Booty and Flynn Skye. Don’t MISS IT!!!!

♦ H o t D a z e ♦

Group Kylie

Kylie shorts 1

Kylie shorts pic 2

Top: Jen’s Pirate Booty from Rococo// Shorts & Belt: La Weez Vintage // Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Katie Black dress1

Katie Black dress 2

Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty from Rococo// Swim: MIKOH from the Shop. Laguna// Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Caroline bandu 2

Caroline Bando

Bandeu: Raga// Shorts: Free People both from Rococo// Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

♥ S h e e r L o v e ♥

Group Caroline

Caroline White Dress

Caroline white dress 2

Dress: Nightcap Clothing from Rococo// Bralette: Chan Luu from Rococo // Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Kylie Flowers pic1

Kylie Flowers 2

Bodysuit: Nightcap Clothing// Shorts: Jen’s Pirate Booty both from Rococo// Head Piece: Raptor Jewelry// Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Katie White Dress 1

Katie White Dress 2

Bodysuit & Shall: Nightcap Clothing from Rococo// Dress & Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

♠ M y s t e r i o u s W a y s ♠

Group Katie

Katie tree1


Top: Nightcap Clothing// Pants: Raga both from Rococo// Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Kylie Cleobella 2

Kylie Cleobella

Dress: Cleobella from Rococo// Jewelry: La Weez Jewelry

Caroline head piece

Caroline head piece 2

Top: Free People// Shorts: Nightcap Clothing // Bathing Suit Top: MIKOH from the Shop. Laguna// Jewelry: La Weez

All Clothing was provided by Rococo || All Swim was provided by the Shop. Laguna || All Floral headpieces were provided by Raptor Jewelry || All Jewelry was provided by La Weez Jewelry || All Vintage: Provided by La Weez Vintage || Shoes: (not seen) provided by Painted Bird.

Thank you to all the companies and boutique’s that provided us with their products and merchandise.

Models: Caroline Basehart || Katie Collins || Kylie Scott // Make-up: Jill Terry// Hair: Rachael Dickens// Stylist: Katie O’Sullivan of Styled by Katie and Rachael Dickens// Photography: Rachael Dickens// Set Manger: Natalie Dickens