Under $100: The Home Edition

Home Trends we’re Loving Now: Black, White & Neutral

Updating your home decor doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes a simple update to a corner, table or shelf can make a big style impact. My home is filled with black, white and neutrals. For me, working with that color palette gives me the option of adding fun trend decor in my home while keeping a neutral palette for the big ticket items. One of the home trends I’m totally obsessed with is woven platters. I added them to my living room shelving and it added an instant style impact for under $100. Which prompted me to share this post with you.

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World Traveler

World traveler home decor, to me, is more a staple then a trend. But maybe that’s because I’ve always been drawn to that style. I love the idea of minimalism with lots of texture. And these are the perfect fit for that vibe. These pieces are gorgeous in person. I know because I have them all!

black and white beaded wooden bowl home decor bohemian home decor home trends

Black + White Beaded Wooden Bowl $48 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE

Natural Raffia Tray Black and White Tray bohemian home decor modern world decor gift ideas

Mwezi Black + Natural Raffia Tray $48 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE

BLACK Color Blocked Jumbo Raffia Bowl Home decor Kitchen Decor Gift Ideas

Black Color Blocked Jumbo Raffia Tray $80 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE


For me, texture is the true key to amazing style. It’s understated but very important. And ceramics are a great way to incorporate texture any where in your home.

Black Cross Planter Gift Ideas, home trends, home decor trends

Luna Reece Ceramics Black Cross Planter $22 each via IRIS AND POPPY

Ceramic Pitcher Glazed Pitcher Home Decor Kitchen Decor, home trends

Ceramic Pitcher $72 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE

Wall Art

I love wall art! I’m not sure how much more I need to say. Art is in the eye of the beholder.  Wall art goes back to what I mentioned earlier about texture, it gives your walls depth and dimension. Wall art can me small and subtle or make a serious statement.

Artichoke Double Chevron Wall Hanging Attalie Dexter

Attalie Dexter Artichoke Double Chevron Wall Hanging $60 via PRISM


Personally I love a touch of modern in any style of home. Geometric print, texture or decor items are an import design element. It mixes and matches in unexpected ways.

ERIC TRINE Double White Octahedron Pedestal Plant Stand

Eric Trine White Double Octahendron Pedestal Pant Stand $95 via PRISM

atinlan geometric pillows

Grace Messenger Interiors Atitlan Pillow $68 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE


For less than $25 you can give your home the feel of a new season with a simple fragrance. These are currently my two favorites.

CRAFT + FOSTER CANDLE Orchid & Amber Scented Candles Gift Ideas House Warming Gift Hostess Gift Christmas Gift Under $100

Craft + Foster Candle: Orchid & Amber $22 via IRIS AND POPPY

Craft + Foster Baked Pumpkin $22 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE