Interior Design Tips are Living in your Closet

It’s True…Interior Design Tips are lurking in your closet!

Where we go definitely plays into how we dress…or should.  Similar to that, when we attempt to refresh our homes, we look at other spaces for inspiration.  The most common thing I hear–Help me find my style!  Good news; the clues just may be in your closet…it’s a good place to start.  You may also want to consider the hotels and restaurants you gravitate to. What type of boutiques do you frequent? The signs are there…just notice what draws you in? In our What2Wear Series, we look at our favorite boutique hotel spaces and imagined the perfect (#OOTD).

There are basic concepts to help us find inspiration in our closets.  Here’s four quick tips to help you get started:

TIP #1: De-Code your closet to find your style

Do a quick run through of your closet and select a few of your ‘go-to’ items; shoes, tops, jackets, jeans and even your favorite jewelry. Lay these out and you will see what textures, colors, etc…you gravitate to…are your pieces loose and comfy, tailored, boho–little of everything?  This is a great way to determine your general color palette for your style or space.

interior design tips hotelements

TIP #2: Layer

Just like great outfits, great interior spaces are layered with various textures, colors, shapes and patterns. Throw out the rule book, it’s liberating!  Don’t waste time playing matchy-matchy. This is boring in fashion and interiors.  The Palihouse in West Hollywood is at the center of trend-setting design with their cool rooftop ‘sunset’ bar that exudes high-style simplicity.  And notice how the room is styled with a great bag and sunglasses? This layered look is present in fashion and the room below.

interior design tips hotelements

TIP #3: Less is ‘always’ more

Don’t be afraid of blank space. A big ‘miss’ in interior designing is when you over decorate. Just like ‘over-dressing’. Keep it simple. If most walls could talk, they would say, ‘please don’t hang this here’. Minimal and modern is cool and tranquil. Be purposeful and picky when styling. If it strikes you and the item is a must-have piece (like fashion), buy it and own the look. Don’t just fill a space for the sake of covering. The white crisp linens at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard reminds me of this timeless, classic white shirt.  This bag makes the super simple outfit pop and feel stylish.

What2Wear interior design tips hotelements

TIP #4: Tell a Story

Ever had a friend mention they saw something that was ‘so you’?  Whether we know it or not, we all convey a personal style.  When it comes to your home, make sure it reflects you…not the Macy’s home department. Thinking about your favorite travel spots, boutique hotels, or places that make you happy will help to further define this style.  Fashion blogger  Damsel In Dior always looks sophisticated yet simple.  Whether fashion or interiors, we all connect to people when we connect to their story…

Live your style! xo Paula

interior design tips hotelements

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