Why Shop Small & Local?

 Boutiques vs. Chain Retails

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Whether your new to OCSR or you have been with us from the beginning, you’ve probably noticed that supporting small boutiques and stylish business, including local designers & beauty professionals, is not only our mission but our passion. They’re are many ways in which boutique shopping actually helps  each of our local communities, aside from giving us a cool place to shop (although that is important too!). It takes all of us understanding the “why”, so here are just a few reasons why shopping local helps you and your community.

shop small and local

Service & Experience:

I have found 9 times out of 10 you get a better overall shopping experience at boutiques vs. large chain stores including better service and a specialize selection.

shop small and local

Local Charm:

Big box chain retailers lack the charm of a one-of-kind speciality boutique neighborhoods like, Laguna Beach’s Downtown & H.I.P. Districts, Costa Mesa’s 17th Street, The Orange Circle, San Clemente’s Del Mar St., Seal Beach’s Main St. and Newport Beach’s Balboa Island, just to name a few.


By shopping local you’re supporting a business owner who most likely lives in your community.

Local-Economic-Return-Multiplier-Graphs-01 copy

Supports & Enhances the Local Economy:

I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of statistics but understanding the “why” behind the push to shop small and shop local comes down to economics. The simple answer is this…..Money spent at independent small businesses is more likely to stay local than that spent at a chain. 

I personally can go on and on about the benefits of boutique shopping from supporting entrepreneurs, (mostly woman) to helping the local economy, getting better service, and keeping our neighborhood’s charm but the moral of the story is simple…. When it’s time to go shopping take a minute and think where your investment in your wardrobe/style is going to be the most beneficial not only to you, but your community.