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Why We ♥ ambsn

Like I mentioned in last weeks designer spotlight, in honor of Father’s Day we want to showcase some of our favorite local men’s brands. I am super excited to share this one because the creators of ambsn (pronounced ambition), Dustin and Dylan Odbert, have become close friends of mine. These guys are fun, funny, and SUPER talented. If you ever come across our group on the beach during the summer (we have a weekly beach day ritual) you’ll find all the guys wearing ambsn trunks.

What started as a way to raise funds for a friend in need, ambsn has now become one of the coolest brands in Orange County, and around the world. ambsn’s vibrant colors and fun prints can’t help but put a smile on your face when you see them. For your Dad, or any other guy in your life, ambsn makes the perfect gift. You can always shop with them online, but if you’re in San Clemente you need to stop by their headquarters, grab a cup of coffee, hang out of their patio, and leave with a pair of trunks at least!

ambsn headquarters san clemente

Where does your artistic influence come from and when did you start designing/making clothing?

Ambsn is more than fabric and print. It is a feeling, a memory of a time gone by. Our design mantra “New Wave Nostalgia” speaks strongly to that. I pull influence not only from music I love, art, and cinema, but also from childhood memories when things weren’t so serious… when having a good time was all you had to worry about.

I began designing clothing in Jr. High, starting little t-shirt brands every other week. Then in high school when a friend of mine was injured in an unfortunate accident, I started ambsn (then ambission) to raise money for his medical bills. Years later my brother Dustin dropped out of college and took over sales for ambsn, getting us into local surf shops in our area. Today we are sold all over the US, Japan, Canada and the UK.


At what point did you decide to make it your career?

When I graduated High School, I decided college wasn’t for me and I would rather work for myself. I have a true passion for design and aesthetic, so it just made sense to follow a path that came naturally to me and made me happy. That and the demand that we were growing at retail allowed me realize I could make a living with ambsn.

ambsnWhat is the inspiration behind your designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

When I design a line I refer back to our design mantra of ‘New Wave Nostalgia’ and try to breathe fresh air into retro prints and styles. Summer 2016 was designed around the story of ‘Sunburnt Suburbia’, which is my version of a faded American Dream: huge sprawls of hi/lo contrast painted homes, slip n slides laid out over freshly cut lawns.


How did you decide on ambsn as the name of the brand?

At first when I decided on the word ambsn it was merely because I thought it sounded cool, but when I was able to use it for such a positive thing, the meaning of the name really stuck. Everyone needs ambition in life, and the word has a great meaning. We like to think we are a great brand with a positive message.

ambsnHow would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as California casual. Year round, you can find me in black or dark navy Frame Denim jeans (since we do not make denim) an ambsn t-shirt or button up, and Vans authentics.


Do you have a favorite ambsn piece?

My favorite piece for summer is our Packable. The packable is a lightweight swim short with a 14inch out seam (so its pretty short) and a self-packing back pocket, so you can pack the short into itself for traveling light. I particularly love the collaboration packable we did with our photographer friend Chris Burkard. Chris and I grew up together in the Central Coast of California, so being able to come together and work on a project like this was really fun. Being able to work with friends is probably one of the most rewarding things about my job.

ambsnWhat’s next for ambsn?

Next for ambsn is Fall 2016. We have a small offering of Swim for those Indian summer days and a fun collaboration with friend, and artist Sketchy Tank that we are really excited about. We also so will be having some exciting events coming up this summer at our HQ in San Clemente, so if you are in the area make sure to swing by and say hello.

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