Watch: How to Execute a Hair Inspo Pic

Hair Inspo vs. Execution

The How-to with Blown Away Beauty

featuring Casey Braxton

What you need to get started: Lots of bobby pins, hair spray and a little volume spray

Casey used; KEVIN MURPHY DOO OVER (Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray… this is a fantastic hair spray. its part hairspray, part dry shampoo.), PUFF ME (Volumizing powder spray in a PUMP) + LIVING PROOF FLEX HAIR SPRAY

Leaving out the front section of hair that frames your face, part one inch in from the sides,  and secure with pins at the nape of the neck

Take small section from one side, cross it to the opposite side and secure with pins.


Half up half down criss cross hair style how toBegin to cross over pieces from the side of your hair line (the part sectioned off in the beginning)

Continue to repeat, criss crossing sections of hair and securing in place.

Criss cross low pony hair style how toDon’t worry if the pins show, that’s part of look. Plus when you’re doing it yourself it’s easier not to worry about pins showing.

Here’s the final look. This was one of the looks from last week’s editorial.

Hair inspo: Half up half down hair with a little twist