Top Reasons to have a First Look on your Big Day

First Look Feels

Why You Should Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day

Joy n’ Company always keeps it real with our couples! And we are here to shed some light on the MAIN reasons to have a First Look on your big day!

In case you’re wondering, the first look is new addition to modern weddings… and it’s genius! This concept allows the Bride and Groom see each other prior to the ceremony to make the most of their big day. How so? Allow us to explain:


The moment the two of you see each other is just for YOU.  There isn’t a crowd starring at the groom waiting to see what his reaction is going to be. Therefore, the response is much more authentic! The intimacy of the moment can lead to some of the BEST feels!

lace with open back, sleeveless wedding dress, blue suit on groom

Bride and groom first lookAdrian Jon Photography

Take Away

First look = more photo time. The two of you can venture to different locations for a variety of backgrounds, showcasing your love! One location is a thing of the past! Freshen it up with having a few different areas for romantics and bridal party pictures, alike. After all, photos are the ONE take-away from the entire day!

Wedding first look photos

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A first look allows for more photo time and that means the opportunity to take wedding photos in multiple locationsChard Photo

Party time

Since you have already completed your couples/bridal party photos, the only thing left to do is family pics! This will take about 30 minutes of your time, and after that you’re done! This means you can chill out for a few minutes and then join cocktail hour! The day passes quickly, so you want to make sure you enjoy all the people that came to celebrate! Now, go on and party!

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