Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

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The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Let’s face it…planning a wedding is no piece of cake! Couples find themselves sifting through a sea of questions, wondering when do we send out invitations? What is an indicator card? When do we get the marriage license? What’s a bustle?

Simply put, you need us! And we are thrilled that you need us, because we LOVE bringing your dream to life!

Here are the TOP 5 reasons to hire a wedding coordinator!

5. End of the night clean up

Reason why you need a wedding coordinator: End of night clean up!Cami Jane Photography

For all it takes to make a wedding beautiful with intricate details, it takes just as much to put all those beautiful details away! And they also need to go somewhere, since your venue will likely need to be cleared out by the end of the night. You need a reliable and trustworthy person to pack your most important possessions, including gifts and cards! And do you know who that person is? Yeah, you do! Your wedding coordinator! We will place fragile items in a designated car to ensure all belongings return home safely.

4. Vendor recommendations

Top reasons why you need a wedding coordinator: To find the perfect wedding vendorsCami Jane Photography

Wedding coordinators have been at it awhile, which has allowed us to build an army of vendor-friends that provide excellent services. And not only that, but we work great together! Which always ensures a flawless wedding day. Birds of a feather flock together!

3. We think of things you don’t

Find out the Top reasons why you need a wedding coordinator for the big dayBecca Rillo Photography

Bridesmaid spilled champagne on their dress? We’ve got a Tide pen! Veil is wrinkled? We’ve got a steamer! Bustle is broken? We’ve got a sewing kit! Groomsmen didn’t learn how to tie their bowtie? We have the YouTube tutorial bookmarked! All in all, we’ve got your back!

2. Execute the vision

Not sure if you need a wedding coordinator? We're sharing the top 5 reason why you do!!Mink Photography

Wedding coordinators pay attention to details, therefore we know your style and what you’re trying to achieve. We are you, in place of you on the wedding day. There’s no doubt that the flowers on the cake will be perfectly placed (just like the Instagram photo you showed us). The Polaroid guest book will surely have been tested (and you’ll probably have our picture in your album). The escort cards will be set up evenly, and all guests will be informed of the favors to be taken at the end of the night (because we had the DJ make the announcement). Every detail planned will be executed thoroughly, as we take pride in being the guardian of your day!

1. Keep it Stress-Free

Keep your big day stress free by making sure you hire a wedding coordinatorChard Photo

No doubt that we are Top. Notch. Problem. Solvers. We take care of everything behind the scenes. And believe us, there’s a lot that can occur! Best man forgot the rings at the hotel? No problem, our assistant is on it. Rental Company brought the wrong size linens – we are on the phone with the owner. Mom’s having a breakdown over dad’s new wife? Don’t worry.. We’re trained therapists! Cab never arrives to pick you up at the end of the night? Get cozy in the back seat of our SUV! Vendor faints on the job – we call the ambulance. And yes, that really happened. But, you didn’t notice a thing because you were too busy dancing your pants off, as you should be!

A wedding coordinator is the best friend you never knew you needed while planning! We are here to guide you through the biggest day off your life and to ensure that all goes off without a hitch!