Rocking the Right Blush for Your Skin Type

Rocking the Right Blush for Your Skin Type

Thanks to the advancements in makeup [and skincare], there are a plethora of blush formulas to choose from. Which begs the question: which one will be right for you? Much like selecting skin care products, it is important to choose the best blush formula for your skin type in an effort to get the most gorgeous, glowing cheeks! My medical estheticians and I put different formulas to the test, and wanted to share our findings with you.

For Dry Skin

La Bella Donna Candlelight CremeIf your skin tends to lean more to the dry side, reach for a cream blush. The right product should deliver you light moisture, and will help to boost radiance on your cheeks. Cream blush is great for creating a soft, dewy look, but it is important to consider how you are going to apply it. These tend to not blend well over foundation, so I recommend using this on natural skin, or over a mineral SPF powder!

I absolutely adore La Bella Donna’s Blush Candlelight Cream Colour. This product helps to add dimension, depth, and radiance to the skin. This is one that I always have on-hand.

For Oily Skin

Rocking the Right Blush for Your Skin Type by Skin care by alana for oc style reportIf you are working with oily skin, it is always best to opt for powder blush. Why, you ask? Because the powder will help to mattify the skin, which, lets face it, is what all of us oily-skinned gals want. If you rskin tends to get more oily throughout the day, reach for a more matte shade, as dewy/shimmer looks work to emphasize oil and shine.

One of my favorite powder blush picks is Glo Minerals’ Blush Duo which includes two different shades so you can customize your cheek look!


For Normal to Combo Skin

Rocking the Right Blush for Your Skin Type by Skin care by alana for oc style reportThose of you who have “normal” skin: lucky you! But the truth is, a majority of us fall into the combo category. This is where liquid and gel blushes come into play! Much like cream blush, this formula may not blend well over foundation. That being said: if you are comfortable rocking your beautiful, natural skin [which, during the Spring/Summer months I highly recommend] this is a fabulous option. These formulas tend to be on the more sheer side, so it is great for a natural look. If you lean on the more combo side of oily, reach for a formula that specifically states “oil free”. Powder blushes also work for this skin type.

Glo Minerals Highlighter  may not be a “blush” per say, but this is a fabulous liquid formula for adding radiance to your cheekbones. I absolutely love this for Spring & Summer.

For Acneic Skin

Rocking the Right Blush for Your Skin Type by Skin care by alana for oc style reportFor those who are acne prone, I highly recommend mineral powder formulations. These come in both loose and pressed minerals, and it all comes down to preference when choosing between the two. Since mineral blushes are supposed to come from natural sources [the operative word being supposed to; be sure to do your research on a brand before purchasing] they tend to be less irritating. Another bonus is that most mineral formulations provide some degree of sun protection!

Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Blush is one of my go-to recommendations for acneic skin types. This is an exceptional product range for acneic skin types, as it was originally developed for troubled [and more sensitive] skin types.



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