#OOTD The Boyfriend Blazer via Song of Style

Inspired by the Boys the Boyfriend Blazer

via Song of Style

Why this works in the OC: Love your boyfriend jeans? Me too! Boyfriend jeans are not the only item we like to steal from our guys’ style; shorts, button downs, and boyfriend blazers are given new life by being worn in new ways. Whether you steal his or buy the new versions inspired by the guys, make sure to always put your spin on menswear.

The art of styling IS for everyone. Styling takes practice and it’s a skill like any other, the more you practice the better you become. Taking what you like out of an outfit is key. For example if you like the outfit but rather wear jeans or a skirt than shorts-do so.

I love this look! Mix and matching unlikely pairings always catches my attention. Who would have thought that this combo would have looked so cool. BTW this whole look is from Banana Republic, even the SHOES! This works for just about any day outing from lunch with the girls to picking up the kids from school.

aimee_song_striped_Shirt_denim_shorts Boyfriend Blazer aimee_song_linen_blazer_yellow_heels Boyfriend blazer aimee_song_striped_shirt_denim_Shorts_palm_Trees Boyfriend blazer aimee_song_mirrored_sunglasses Boyfriend blazer aimee_song_mirrored_sunnies_striped_shirt_Denim_shorts Boyfriend blazer aimee_song_striped_shirt_denim_Shorts_yellow_heels_tomboy_clutch Boyfriend blazer

All photos sourced from Song of Style taken by Jennia