10 Steps to Natural Beauty by Swell Beauty

Natural Beauty in 10 Steps

with Swell Beauty

When it comes to your everyday makeup routine it should be quick, easy and effective. Bringing out your natural beauty doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes. Swell Beauty has put together 10 steps to enhance your natural features.

Step 1.

Make sure your skin is properly moisturized and don’t forget to wear your sun screen. Even if your moisturizer has sun protection I still would advise to have a separate sunscreen for added sun protection.

Natural Beauty

Step 2.

Conceal and highlight under eyes and eyelid.

Natural Beauty

Step 3.

Find a shadow color that closely matches your natural skin tone. Apply this on your eye lid.

Natural Beauty

Step 4.

A shadow color a hue or two darker than the lid color is to be sweep in the deep crease of our eyelid.

Step 5.

Apply brown eye liner (I like gel) along the lash line. Make sure there is no visible between the eyelashes and the eyeliner.

Natural Beauty

Step 6.

Apply a light shadow on lower lash line.


Step 7.

Apply mascara

Natural Beauty

Step 8.

Apply foundation & translucent powder. Yes you apply it after your eye make-up….

Natural BeautyNatural Beauty

Step 9.

Apply Blush

Natural Beauty

Step. 10

Apply lipliner & lipstick or gloss

Natural Beauty

Done! Simply, Easy, and Effective-Perfect Everyday Make-up Routine

Natural Beauty

Make-up: Swell Beauty

Pictures provided by Swell Beauty// Photos by Bleu Dog Fotography