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The Fresh Face

Our fall weather has been more like a summer heat wave, making looking ones best a bigger challenge. One of the ways I  work around this is with a fresh face and simple neutral make-up. I’m not suggesting going out without make-up (although I do all the time) just keep is light and bright. Fresh faces work all year round and NEVER go out of fashion.

My Personal Make-up & Beauty Philosophy: For me it’s always been important to see my face in many different ways with make-up or lack there of. Getting stuck seeing ones self with only one look gets both boring and it makes one more likely to keep that look once it’s no longer in style or works for ones current age. We’ve all seen the woman stuck in the decade they felt they looked the best long after that time has passed. Don’t be one of these women. Ones make-up and style should always evolve over time  to keep one’s look fresh and modern.

Photo Source: All pics from PinterestFresh Face 6

Here are a few simple tips to getting this look and keeping it fresh all day long.

Prep your skin with moisturizer AND sunscreen. What if your moisturizer has sunscreen in it, you ask? Still use a separate sunscreen. Why you ask…  Simply because you need more coverage from the sun. I promise you’ll thank me for this advise.

Eyes First…. I know what your thinking… Don’t you apply your face make up first? And the simple answer is NO. By applying your eye make up first one can more easily clean up any falling loose shadow without “messing up” or “re-appling” concealer or foundation.

1. Apply Concealer or Primer to your eyelids. This keeps something for the eye shadow to “stick” to instead of just being absorbed into the skin. If you have ever had your eye shadow “disappear” that’s why-it absorbed into the skin.

2. Apply a natural shade of shadow (that matches your skin tone) on your lid.

3. In your deep crease, apply a slightly darker color than the color of your lid. The best way to achieve this look is with circular movements of the brush.

4. Apply your favorite mascara on your top lashes and your eyes are finished.

Foundation & Concealer…… Personally I like to have more than one shade of both. I know your thinking again, WHY? For simple conturing, it’s easier than you think. Having a lighter shade foundation for under one’s eyes and around the nose to brighten the area we all focus on, while having a darker foundation for under the cheek bone and hair line around the temples will contour the face.

5. Apply lighter foundation or concealer in a V shape under the eye. This allows one not to put heavy face make-up on the delicate skin under the eye, while also allowing a more seamless transition in contouring.

6. Apply the darker foundation under the cheek bones and around the out part of the face.

7. Blend, blend, blend!!! There should be no distinct lines, just beautiful blended transitions of color.

Note if you like to use powder apply NOW- I suggest translucent powder

8. Apply bronzer or blush in the contour of the cheek bone. and you’re ready with a simple contoured FRESH FACE.

Last but not least lip gloss, chap stick or a nude lip stick.