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Individual Eyelashes

I love individual eyelashes. I used to have eyelash extensions many years ago. I have to say that I always felt like they were a bit too much for me personally, but when I removed them my lashes felt naked. I wanted to find something in between that I had a little more control over. One day a girlfriend of mine came over to my house and her eyelashes looked amazing, and I found my answer…individuals.

As much as I like my lashes to look fuller I still like them to have a natural feel, and individual lashes give me the control of how thick/full I want my lashes. Plus, I wanted to be able to pick them up any time I need them. I always wipe out the drug store when I see my favorite kind, I like to be fully stocked at all times.

Here is my favorite individual eyelash brand and type of eyelashes. I prefer “knot-free” short, black individuals, to me they look the most natural. I know what your thinking, “Short”? Yes short, most woman need the short lashes, they are longer than you think. I also prefer dark adhesive over clear.


Lashes 2


1. Step 1

Pour a few drops of LashGrip adhesive on a piece of foil (I use the back of my hand).

2. Step 2

Gently lift a DuraLash from tray with tweezers. I find holding the eyelashes in the direction they are going to be applied helps with both getting them out of the tray and then they are in the correct direction in the tweezer to place on your lashes.

3. Step 3

Dip end into adhesive. Wait a few seconds then begin application.

4. Step 4

Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching, your eyelid. Support lash gently with fingertips until adhesive sets. Work towards the outer corner. (Stop Here if you would just like more dramatic corners.) Return to center and gradually work inward until lashes blend.

Full Set Apply 10-15 lashes per eye.

Just the Corners Apply 5-10 per eye.

Care and Cleaning:

Your lashes can last for a few days if you are careful with them. The less make-up you wear the longer they will last.

Cleanse lashes with cool water. Oil-based cleansers soften adhesive. Be gentle. Don’t rub or towel dry your eyes. Allow your lashes to air dry. Be Carfeful of heat…. Like natural lashes, DuraLashes will singe. Avoid open flame or direct heat.


Your DuraLashes can be easily removed with specially formulated LashFree Adhesive Remover or a hot wet towel over your eyelashes will also remove them. Never try to pull them off after adhesive has set.

Here’s a video directly from Ardell to help you out….