Meet Katie Arnold aka The STYLE RIOT

Why we ♥ Katie


For those of you who are not familiar with the STYLE RIOT it’s time to get know the “IT” OC/LA  blogger on the scene. Launching her blog at the beginning of this year Katie has catapulted to the top quickly. She is already on Stylist’s  Style Council and has been named one of the 30 LA BLOGGERS “You Need to Know About

I came across The Style Riot at the beginning of the year and I was hooked. I was shocked to find out at the time her blog was only months old (still is only months old). With amazing photos, incredible style and an infectious smile, Katie Arnold is a blogger to add to your morning blogger roll.

Katie is not only the hottest new blogger on the scene but a super sweet girl with a fun spirit and great laugh to match that infectious smile.  Make sure to follow Katie on your favorite social media outlet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course don’t forget to Pin with this rising star.
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Tee: Zoe Karssen// Shorts: A.L.C. from Z Collection// Booties: Zara

Q & A

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start?

I started my blog only 8 months ago in January! My boyfriend actually encouraged me to do it, and it was his believing in me that gave me the confidence to take the plunge into the world of online publishing. I was feeling stuck and needed an outlet for creativity. I felt I had an opinion and something valuable to share with the world and I’m so amazed by the growth I’ve experienced thus far both personally and professionally.

Describe your personal style and what influences it.

My personal style is always evolving. I love to mix it up and toss out the fashion “rulebook” in favor of individuality with an off-duty flare.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

I’m always brainstorming different and interesting post ideas. I get tired of seeing the same thing all the time from A-list bloggers who seem to have it all figured out. I like to try new things, break new ground, and always be honest and true to myself.

Are there other bloggers that you admire?

Sincerely Jules was one of the first fashion blogs I started reading years ago. I love how her style has her name written all over it and she’s got the high/low look completely dialed. But Orange County definitely has some amazing bloggers breaking onto the scene – especially my friends Chelsea Lauren ( and Stephanie Liu (

What is the one item in your closet you can’t live without?

My black leather moto jacket. It’s my favorite piece to play with because it’s so versatile! I love it worn to work with a pair of crisp black, tapered ankle-length trousers, a white tee, and some caged lace-up sandals; or with a breezy, feminine printed dress.

What fall trend are you most excited about?

Oversized everything and sneakers as non-athletic wear. Comfy chic, YES.

What is your next “must-have” purchase?

A plane ticket to somewhere new and exciting. Got any suggestions?

F91A3238xTee: Zoe Karssen// Jacket: Beulah// Jeans: Mother Denim// Sunglasses: Tom Ford all from Z Collection// Shoes: Zara

The Boutique | Z Collection

This stunning boutique opened in March of 2013 with a collection of designers most discerning fashion mavens save up for. When I walked in for the first time I was instantly in love with everything about Z Collection.  With my instant love for the store I had to reach out to the owners and I met the amazing sisters, Jacquie Zehe and Kristie Haugh, and now I have had the pleasure of working with these women on several occasions. The store carries lines from A.L.C to Lush the combination of high end contemporary and affordable style is the perfect mix for the woman of the OC.

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F91A3492xTee: My Line// Pleaded Shorts: Lush//  from Z Collection// Booties: Rag & Bone// Sunnies: Wonderland

Thank You!

We want to Thank blogger Katie Arnold for being our Muse and we also want to Thank Jacquie and Kristie for lending us beautiful clothing. I couldn’t do any of this without my bestie, sister and business partner who helps me keep my head straight. Thanks to all you beautiful ladies for making this all come together. Oh and last but not least I had the pleasure to work with Doug Neil, Katie’s photographer, for the first time and I can’t begin to tell you what a talented and sweet guy he is.

F91A3122xF91A3108x F91A3195xTank: Lush// Full Midi Skirt: Ark & Co. all from Z Collection// Shoes: Mia Signature Collection

Muse | Blogger: Katie Arnold, The Style Riot// Hair & Make-up: Rachael Dickens// Photography: Doug Neill